Saturday, July 09, 2005

oh how good it feels

Herman and Bonnie got us an air conditioner from from a garage sale for 20 bucks. Herman mentioned he would help put it in our window if I can find a ladder. I phoned my buddy Mike because I knew he has been living at his house for the longest out off all of the people I know, so logically I thought, .. anyone who has owned a house for as long as him HAS to have a ladder. So he was kind enough to bring it over.

Some how along the way though from borrowing his ladder .. turned in to him putting it into my window with Herman. It has happened before. People who come to "give me a hand" end up pretty much doing it themselves. I guess I just suck. Just like Brass with the flooring. Jackie and Dell with by bordering .. the list goes on.

Anyway it is great. It totally makes a difference as well. I again will bend over for mike again in awe. I am sure that he will have work for me in the future. Though I am surprised he didn't call me to help rip his deck apart.

It is really good for leanne that we have the air conditioner now because she really seems to get hot easily.

Thank god I will never become pregnant.

Listened To:
Apostle Of Hustle - Folkloric Feel
Stars - Set Yourself On Fire


Freaks & Geeks - episode 7: carded and discarded
Freaks & Geeks - episode 8: girlfriends and boyfriends

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