Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New baby's first pictures

Leanne and I went to the ultrasound today to see our new baby for the first time. Judging from the measurements they think it's about 13 weeks 5 days old.. and gave a due date for Jan 4th. .. Could a New Years baby be possible? I guess we will have to see. Leanne and I were originally hoping that the baby was going to be Jan 25th .. but from what they say .. that date seems doubtful. We showed Harland the pics .. but he didn't really seem interested at the moment.. it was like .. what the hell is this? .. I can color better than that!

So .. let's look at the pictures shall we? You can click on the picture if you desire to see it in full size.

This picture shows a frontal view of the baby, you can see the head on the right side.

Here is a closer frontal view of the head.. note that the head is now facing the oppisite way as the other picture above. The head right now as about approx 2 cm big. This made me think of the name Garcia. Simply because it looks like the Grateful dead electic skull.. see comparison below.

Here is a side pic close up view of the head, you can see it's really big hand as well .. kinda looks like six fingers .. hahaha. Baseball? ..hell the kid wouldn't even need a glove

And here another side shot showing the full profile of the baby.

That is all that they gave us of the baby this time. Next time when we see the baby at the end of August, they should be able to confirm the sex of the baby.

The whole ultrasound was really cool. This time this baby was moving way more then Harland ever did .. it looked like it was having a fun time dancin' and swimmin.

That is all ..

Oh yeah .. here is the Grateful Dead electric skull comparison as well .. Hello Garcia.


Live Aid - disc 2
Freaks & Geeks - episode 4: Kim Kelly is My Friend


Amy said...

Cool, it actually looks like a baby, and not like a tiny pink slug. Congratulations.

You know I'm going to laugh at you if it comes out and looks like a slug.

Amy said...

And then I will offer to buy it from your for $1.

Maria said...

Okay Gil,

It does look a lot like that electric skull. But you better not name the child Garcia!

Yes, I am disgusted with you.

(not really)

Gilly said...

I better not call it Garcia or what.. What could you do to stop me? .. not to mention I won't be naming the child at all .. it will all be leanne's decision. She does the work, she names the child .. that is just the way it is. Just like the last one.

Jerry said...

What's wrong with you Maria. Garcia is a GREAT name. But whatever happened to Enin? Who would be surprised if Gil named a child Monroe (unless it was a girl)? And why do I keep having these dreams of Gil III being named Kramer?