Wednesday, July 13, 2005

mmm.. complete blackadder dvd coming to my mitts soon ..


Listened to:
Rush - Vapour Trails
Stars - Set Yourself on Fire


The prince said...

"As my tutor old Bubbleface used to say, 'Make love and be merry, for tomorrow you may catch some disgusting skin disease'".

Lincoln said...

Since there's no activity on this site, I'd just like to take this opportunity to remind everyone how awesome I am.

Amy said...

You are awesome. I think Gilly's dead. At least till the shipping guy gets back.

Lincoln said...

Well why didn't he say so?

Doesn't he realize that his fans need their daily dose of Gilsanity?

I can't believe I get to party with not one, not two...but THREE interweb celebrities. It's like I won some sort of contest.

And to think I knew two of them before they were famous.

Gilly said...

holy crap amy .. you change your picture more than I change my underwear.

yeah I know .. I have been preoccupied with shit ..just call me da poopsmith.. but no worries .. I shall be back soon. not much really has happended over the last week .. other than the fact that I have to fix my car again.. but that is no news.

Maria said...

"da poopsmith"

Hmmm....I like it! I like it a lot!

Amy said...

I was bored last night. And this morning I got a haircut, so I decided to show me with hair that's actually been done. As opposed to the usual, where I let birds nest in it to get that wholesome natural look.