Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8

So it is the day of Live 8. Will it be better than Live Aid? Doubtfully. I don't think there will ever be a performance that will top Queen's like in '85. Those were the good ol day's. I will be at home watching what I can of course. I am quite excited about the reunion of Pink Floyd. They are starting the broadcast here at 5am. I am setting up the machine to record a piece of history once again. Though .. I am not sure that it will have the same power that Live Aid Captured 20 years ago. .. 20 years? hoy shit .. I just realized that .. ... aaarrgh.. I'm old. Well .. wondering who's going to do a version of 'Sgt Pepper' .. I can just see it.

It was 20 years ago today,
Sgt. Geldolf told the fans to pay..
.. yada yada yada .. something witty about hunger in africa .. yada yada yada. Now lets get the money from the big leaders in the world and put an end to africa's proverty.


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Live 8


Reverend C-Note said...

Well, the only 2 times I tuned in to Live 8, I was "treated" to A Simple Plan and Jann Arden. *shudder*
The first Live Aid had musical legends on the stage, and featured reunions of The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath. Can you top that? No.
I know there were probably bigger names at locations not named Barrie, but we have musical legends in Canada and Simple Plan and Jann Arden are not among them. You feel me?
I'm looking at the lineup now....was Deep Purple really there? That's cool.
I was too busy drinkin' out at the lake to watch the show.... but I'm sure the whole thing'll be on DVD sooner than later.

Gilly said...

Yup .. deep purple played .. though they did seem a little rustly playing "highway star" .. Ian ain't gettin ' any younger that is for sure. The Who played as well again this year.

Yeah .. Jann Arden deserves to be shot. but there were quite a few great performances. One of my personal favs was Bruce Cockburn's .. just him and an acoustic. It was great

Reverend C-Note said...

The Purps' latest album, "Bananas" is really good. Steve Morse has infused new life into this band, I tell you.
"Highway Star" is one of those songs that should probably be retired but never will be. You know what I mean, every band has at least one; those songs that they have to play every night whether they are really into it or not, because they are the ones the fans know the best. "Ho hum, time to play THIS one again." And they usually play that as their opener....I assume that was the case here? Too bad Gillan will never sing "Burn"...
Purple is one of my favourite bands, but it kind of frustrates me that they have a whole ton of material that the current lineup will never play. Same thing with Sabbath, although Ozzy should probably never sing any of the Dio or Martin material anyway, it just wouldn't suit him at all. I assume you'll never hear any "Ripper"-era material from Priest again....not that they wrote much good material for him to sing anyway, but you know what I'm saying? You look at Iron Maiden, and Bruce is singing material from every era of the band's history, and that is really cool. I wish more bands were like that.
Where did I start again?

Gilly said...

Yeah .. I believe that is what they played as an opener as well. I will show you the performance sometime..

.. maybe it will give an excuse to ACTUALLY SEE U!! .. hell I am even starting to forget what you look like.. hahaha hopefully it won't all be grey like gillan is right now.

The thing that sucks about the release of the DVD from what I have been reading that it looks like that there will be different release in different countries .. now that is stupid. Sure I can understand having different releases focusing on each concert .. but at least make them available to all. I mean .. it would totally suck if all of the london stuff is only available in PAL format. .. bastards.. but I guess we will have to see when it happens

Reverend C-Note said...

I can't post a picture here, otherwise I would. No, I'm not ALL grey yet, but I have quite a bit. I'm probably 40 pounds heavier than when you saw me last.

Dr thompson said...

The Who blew everyones asses off all of the stages! I thought they were by far the best act that I saw.