Monday, July 25, 2005

Lets crash this party

Well .. the dentist didn't kill me .. not yet anyway. I came out alive .. but the real stuff will start on Tuesday Aug. 2nd. I think I should start planning my funeral arrangments. It was a pretty good weekend. I don't have much time to tell all now .. but here are the main things that happened.. I may elaborate on these later

Friday Night - Went to Pense and Rob saved my ass by bustin his ass putting in my rear suspension and car stereo
Saturday - went for breakfast with Maria Bill & Wendy. bought lino and laminate in the afternoon and went to Mikes artshow with Tony, Col and Meg. Karoked at Barts.. and I failed miserabley.
Sunday - Got and oil change with bill and wendy .. and had celebratory cake for Bill's Birthday. And watched Constantine.


OH YEAH!! I keep on forgetting to tell everyone that Hema and I were the original stars of the movie Wedding Crashers. Then our contracts fell through and they gave it to a coupld of no names. .. ah .. that is life.

Don't believe me? .. See it for yourself

Listened To:
Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business
Hemisynch - demo


Lincoln said...

I've always known that you guys were supposed to be in that movie. Except Hema is the Vince Vaughn character and you're the little brother who paints.

Maria said...

Fucking Hilarious!

I'd rather see that movie like that!