Friday, July 01, 2005

its a small world .. happy canada day

I know I am writting this early .. but I thought .. hey .. I usually post blogs late . so .. this time I will post one early..

It is a small world .. I was looking through the blog websites. And I came across this blog by some girl by the name of Barb.. the wacky thing is that on her web page I came across pics of Merv and Bert!! .. don't believe me? .. The proof in the pudding is here!!

Pics of Merv and Brett carrying the Firkin from St. Patties day?? That is completely wacked.


red bandana said...

Hahaha, YEP! That's Merv, and yes, I got drunk with him on St. Paddy's. :) Glad you had fun perusing my blog and my actual website (if you did make it that far). No, I don't care if you linked the photo, or whatever, it's not copyright - IT'S MERV! ;) And I don't mind that you linked to my blog, no big deal there! I don't write about much of anything interesting.

Gilly said...

.. yes ..I realize that you dont write about anything that interesting!! Just like me!! that is why I like it. you have a new fan.

and yes.. it's not copyright - It's MERV!!