Thursday, July 21, 2005

dentists, cars and mold

Well the time has finally come.

My wife made a dentist appointment for me. And I am scared shitless. Steve (my buddy at work here) was telling me about this dentist and how good she was, plus they have a TV in the ceiling right above your head. So that makes me feel a little more comfortable. They have the ability to take it right from my coverage plan. Which was key winner for me. Because I simply don't even have the 100 - 200 bucks it will cost for them to even look at my teeth and say... "Yup .. those teeth suck". I know they suck. How can you expect them no to when you haven't been to a dentist for 20+ years. Anyway, it will be this monday morning for a checkup and x-rays. Then it will likely be a non stop torture tour from that point on.

It has been a fairly normal week in the past. Let us share some of the events that I can think of shall we?

Leanne and I finished watching the "Freaks and Geeks" series. It was Tony's birthday last Tuesday and we went over for cake and ice cream (except there was no ice cream) last monday night to celebrate. I like Tony, Cathy and Cooper. I hope they like us too.

So the past while there has been this horrible funk smell in the car and it we realized that it was coming from the trunk. Last night I ripped everything out of the trunk and all of the interior carpeting within the trunk and threw it away. It was pretty gross. There was a leak in the trunk (couple actually) and water was getting in and mixing into with whatever was spilled in there from the previous owner revealing this black and green mildewy shit all over. I probably shortened my life span by a few years with that crap.. but Leanne couldn't even ride in the car anymore and hell knows what it could be doing to my kids health. So.. after I threw it away, I cleaned the back truck out with some pine-sol. I didn't have any bleach handy, so I will see how this works out. So once I had that cleaned out, Harland and I went to the gas station, vacuumed out the car and got a couple of lil' wild cherry air freshener trees. (my personal fav) I then went by my brothers and had him do a smell test and passed. The real test will be when my wife drives it.. but time will tell.

I sure hate cars. I just have no luck with them whatever I do. I never did finish my car stories from a couple of years back (see archives) and I probably never will. But I am having more luck with this car.. other than the smell thing. And until this week. The leaf spring for the back of the cars suspension went on it, so now my car looks like a low-rider. So I have to get this fixed. My buddy Rob (god bless him.. by the way .. I would be dead without him) said that he could probably get one to replace it for about a hundred buck and replace it for me for some beer. So excellent .. anything to help my budget. But hell .. both of us shat our pants when we found out that this piece of fiberglass was going to cost 800 bucks!!!! Rob was able to find a used one for 200. So that is a little better on the pocketbook. We are going to "party" this Friday night and put it in. I hopefully can get my fingers dirty and give him a hand.. but I can't help but feel like I am in the way. Every time Rob does something on my car .. I want to help .. but I feel like I am a kid again watching my dad working on the car and me always "getting in the way"
I can't really complain though. I only spent 750 dollars on the car at an auction and the only thing I had to do to it was to put a blower heater in it. I will have to see if I can get Jackie to write up a story of how I purchased it. First time I have ever been to an auction .. and the first car on the board pretty much. BANG it was over. Yup .. I will have to see if Jack can tell the story.

Speaking of cars. I got rid of the sunbird last week. The guy I bought it from offered me 600 bucks for it. I was going to put it in the paper for 1000 obo because it needed the whole engine replaced, but I did replace all of the brakes, the a-frame on one side, an alternator, new tires, front boots. (.,. and I think a shock).. I think there was more but I forget. I was planning on keeping it and putting a new engine in it ... but then reality kicked me in the head and I knew I was never going to have the extra money to put the engine in it. So I decided to cut my losses again. Though with this car .. I did get something in return for it, so it was not as painful. Not like the other cars that I had that went to the dump and I am still paying for the repairs of them. So I did come up from it .. but I still think the original owner got the better end of the deal. .. but then again .. I don't care anymore. A feeling of freedom came over me once it was sold. The next day, my neighbor (Gord in his 60s 70s or so) across the back alley came over to me because I was working in the backyard, "So.. you finally sold the car eh?".
"Yup I did", I said.
"Yeah I know, I helped the kid push it down the back alley. I gave up when he got to St. John. He was going downhill and I thought he could take it from there."
This was funny because I was told that he was going to either tow it or rent a trailer bed to put it on .. but nope .. he pushed it. I wish I saw that.

With the money that we got from it .. I was planning on getting some laminate so I can finish the hallway in my house but now with the car thing those plans may have to change. Only time will tell. There is always something that can be done with the house. I just wish I had the ability to do it all. But I guess I should think realistically.

I caught myself watching a bit of "So you think you can dance" last night. Man .. .. there are some bad dancers.

I guess Constantine is out on DVD now.. I think I may rent it to watch this weekend. I heard nothing but positive about it. Which surprises me since it stars Keanu Reeves.

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Maria said...

You obviously must have been talking about selling your sunbird, and the fact that you were gonna get $600 for it while you were in the current crap-mobile. It heard you! That is why something else went wrong and you had to put off your laminate flooring for the hallway in the house again.

Haven't you ever heard the saying; "Shhhh, the refridgerator will hear you!"

NEVER NEVER talk about getting money around something that could break down and in turn STEAL your new-found money away! Nasty! Nasty!

Anyway Brudda, hang in there. You always have your dentist appointments to look forward to.

~Dae~ said...

Hey Gil,

A few things for you. The first would be the wrong kind of beer. Rob requested sleemans honey brown and what did you do?... Call us right before you leave to go to the beer store and leave a message saying "I hope it is this kind, if not, oh well." The point being, rob requested sleemans and you got him sleemans. What the hell? I realize it could be hard for you to mix up the two but Rob distincly said sleemans not sleemans.

Why did you not mention the mold while you were here... nevermind, Rob just informed me that you did. Well, if you ever have a mold problem again, tee hee, I have this great stuff that will clear it up.

Thanks for the cookies and the pizza

Gilly said...

what the hell kind of stuff are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Constantine = sucky