Sunday, July 31, 2005


Beer at the Beach X, happened on this weekend. I would put up some pics but I don't have any .. .. But I will post some as soon as I get my camera pics developed. .. but I will likely get some sent to me before that time comes. I am not sure how mine will turn out because I didn't take many because the battery's in my camera were dying and I didnt have a new battery. I tried to get one while I was at the lake .. but that failed miserably.

It was a good time as it was normally. I enjoyed myself alot. The Reid's have always been the best at being so frendly and hospitable. Never a bad time. Sure there may have been some "bumpy moments" in past years .. but all in all it was always a good time.. And this last one was one of my favorites.

Harley just loved it out there and he couldn't get enough. Always wanted to be in the water. I took some pics of Harley and Scott playing in the water.. keep an eye for them in the future. I will post if they turned out.

We decided to leave a little earlier because both Harley and Leanne took in quite a bit of sun, and with my wife already having a bun in the oven again.. I didn't want her to overcook it. I was torn. I didn't really want to leave early .. but I had to get Harley straightened out the next day otherwise he would be a hellion.

I hope the naked picture turns out. That will be the first one I will personally post if it does.

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