Sunday, July 31, 2005


Beer at the Beach X, happened on this weekend. I would put up some pics but I don't have any .. .. But I will post some as soon as I get my camera pics developed. .. but I will likely get some sent to me before that time comes. I am not sure how mine will turn out because I didn't take many because the battery's in my camera were dying and I didnt have a new battery. I tried to get one while I was at the lake .. but that failed miserably.

It was a good time as it was normally. I enjoyed myself alot. The Reid's have always been the best at being so frendly and hospitable. Never a bad time. Sure there may have been some "bumpy moments" in past years .. but all in all it was always a good time.. And this last one was one of my favorites.

Harley just loved it out there and he couldn't get enough. Always wanted to be in the water. I took some pics of Harley and Scott playing in the water.. keep an eye for them in the future. I will post if they turned out.

We decided to leave a little earlier because both Harley and Leanne took in quite a bit of sun, and with my wife already having a bun in the oven again.. I didn't want her to overcook it. I was torn. I didn't really want to leave early .. but I had to get Harley straightened out the next day otherwise he would be a hellion.

I hope the naked picture turns out. That will be the first one I will personally post if it does.

Friday, July 29, 2005


We had a hot dog day at work and Chris chopped the watermelon in his traditional way. It was good times. Ron took the picture.

The date on the picture is wrong thoug.. it is supposed to say the 29th. I noticed this on other pics that ron took a while back and mentioned it to him. I have come to the conclusion that doesn't know how to change the time on his camera .. or his simply just doesn't give a rat's ass.

That is one thing that alway kind of bothered me. And I used to come across it alot in my developing photo days at astral. People having the wrong date set on the camera. I mean .. man .. the date bugs me as it is .. but hell if you are going to use it .. then have it set right. Or turn the bloody thing off!! !.. AAARRRRGGHH .. I will never own a camera with a date stamp. And if I do .. it will be off.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

ah .. just like old times.

It sure is nice to have a stereo in my car again.

Thanks Rob!!

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The Cars - Just What I Needed
Hemisynch - demos

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

damn amy

Amy got me addicted to this game called Luxor.

If that link doesn't work for some reason .. then go to and look for the puzzle game called luxor.

horribly addicting and fun

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Stars - Set Yourself On Fire
Hemisynch - demos

Monday, July 25, 2005

Lets crash this party

Well .. the dentist didn't kill me .. not yet anyway. I came out alive .. but the real stuff will start on Tuesday Aug. 2nd. I think I should start planning my funeral arrangments. It was a pretty good weekend. I don't have much time to tell all now .. but here are the main things that happened.. I may elaborate on these later

Friday Night - Went to Pense and Rob saved my ass by bustin his ass putting in my rear suspension and car stereo
Saturday - went for breakfast with Maria Bill & Wendy. bought lino and laminate in the afternoon and went to Mikes artshow with Tony, Col and Meg. Karoked at Barts.. and I failed miserabley.
Sunday - Got and oil change with bill and wendy .. and had celebratory cake for Bill's Birthday. And watched Constantine.


OH YEAH!! I keep on forgetting to tell everyone that Hema and I were the original stars of the movie Wedding Crashers. Then our contracts fell through and they gave it to a coupld of no names. .. ah .. that is life.

Don't believe me? .. See it for yourself

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Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business
Hemisynch - demo

Thursday, July 21, 2005

dentists, cars and mold

Well the time has finally come.

My wife made a dentist appointment for me. And I am scared shitless. Steve (my buddy at work here) was telling me about this dentist and how good she was, plus they have a TV in the ceiling right above your head. So that makes me feel a little more comfortable. They have the ability to take it right from my coverage plan. Which was key winner for me. Because I simply don't even have the 100 - 200 bucks it will cost for them to even look at my teeth and say... "Yup .. those teeth suck". I know they suck. How can you expect them no to when you haven't been to a dentist for 20+ years. Anyway, it will be this monday morning for a checkup and x-rays. Then it will likely be a non stop torture tour from that point on.

It has been a fairly normal week in the past. Let us share some of the events that I can think of shall we?

Leanne and I finished watching the "Freaks and Geeks" series. It was Tony's birthday last Tuesday and we went over for cake and ice cream (except there was no ice cream) last monday night to celebrate. I like Tony, Cathy and Cooper. I hope they like us too.

So the past while there has been this horrible funk smell in the car and it we realized that it was coming from the trunk. Last night I ripped everything out of the trunk and all of the interior carpeting within the trunk and threw it away. It was pretty gross. There was a leak in the trunk (couple actually) and water was getting in and mixing into with whatever was spilled in there from the previous owner revealing this black and green mildewy shit all over. I probably shortened my life span by a few years with that crap.. but Leanne couldn't even ride in the car anymore and hell knows what it could be doing to my kids health. So.. after I threw it away, I cleaned the back truck out with some pine-sol. I didn't have any bleach handy, so I will see how this works out. So once I had that cleaned out, Harland and I went to the gas station, vacuumed out the car and got a couple of lil' wild cherry air freshener trees. (my personal fav) I then went by my brothers and had him do a smell test and passed. The real test will be when my wife drives it.. but time will tell.

I sure hate cars. I just have no luck with them whatever I do. I never did finish my car stories from a couple of years back (see archives) and I probably never will. But I am having more luck with this car.. other than the smell thing. And until this week. The leaf spring for the back of the cars suspension went on it, so now my car looks like a low-rider. So I have to get this fixed. My buddy Rob (god bless him.. by the way .. I would be dead without him) said that he could probably get one to replace it for about a hundred buck and replace it for me for some beer. So excellent .. anything to help my budget. But hell .. both of us shat our pants when we found out that this piece of fiberglass was going to cost 800 bucks!!!! Rob was able to find a used one for 200. So that is a little better on the pocketbook. We are going to "party" this Friday night and put it in. I hopefully can get my fingers dirty and give him a hand.. but I can't help but feel like I am in the way. Every time Rob does something on my car .. I want to help .. but I feel like I am a kid again watching my dad working on the car and me always "getting in the way"
I can't really complain though. I only spent 750 dollars on the car at an auction and the only thing I had to do to it was to put a blower heater in it. I will have to see if I can get Jackie to write up a story of how I purchased it. First time I have ever been to an auction .. and the first car on the board pretty much. BANG it was over. Yup .. I will have to see if Jack can tell the story.

Speaking of cars. I got rid of the sunbird last week. The guy I bought it from offered me 600 bucks for it. I was going to put it in the paper for 1000 obo because it needed the whole engine replaced, but I did replace all of the brakes, the a-frame on one side, an alternator, new tires, front boots. (.,. and I think a shock).. I think there was more but I forget. I was planning on keeping it and putting a new engine in it ... but then reality kicked me in the head and I knew I was never going to have the extra money to put the engine in it. So I decided to cut my losses again. Though with this car .. I did get something in return for it, so it was not as painful. Not like the other cars that I had that went to the dump and I am still paying for the repairs of them. So I did come up from it .. but I still think the original owner got the better end of the deal. .. but then again .. I don't care anymore. A feeling of freedom came over me once it was sold. The next day, my neighbor (Gord in his 60s 70s or so) across the back alley came over to me because I was working in the backyard, "So.. you finally sold the car eh?".
"Yup I did", I said.
"Yeah I know, I helped the kid push it down the back alley. I gave up when he got to St. John. He was going downhill and I thought he could take it from there."
This was funny because I was told that he was going to either tow it or rent a trailer bed to put it on .. but nope .. he pushed it. I wish I saw that.

With the money that we got from it .. I was planning on getting some laminate so I can finish the hallway in my house but now with the car thing those plans may have to change. Only time will tell. There is always something that can be done with the house. I just wish I had the ability to do it all. But I guess I should think realistically.

I caught myself watching a bit of "So you think you can dance" last night. Man .. .. there are some bad dancers.

I guess Constantine is out on DVD now.. I think I may rent it to watch this weekend. I heard nothing but positive about it. Which surprises me since it stars Keanu Reeves.

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Stereolab - Emperor Tomato Ketchup

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

mmm.. complete blackadder dvd coming to my mitts soon ..


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Rush - Vapour Trails
Stars - Set Yourself on Fire

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Queen with Paul Rodgers?

So I just found out that Queen has been touring again for the last couple of months with Paul Rodgers (formerly of Bad Company, Free (I think) .. and wasn't he in The Firm?? .. I would have to look into that)

I am interested .. .. but not excited.. .. but still interested..

I guess they are going to be doing a benefit show in Hyde Park in london this friday to help with the crap that happened there with the terrorist attacks ..

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Wax Mannequin - and gun
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Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Please Describe Yourself

Freaks & Geeks - episode 10: the diary

Monday, July 11, 2005

fear the pregnant lady

In the middle of the night (about 2 or 3), I woke up to go to the bathroom. When I went I thought for sure I heard some little kid laughing. I didn't think much of it so I went back to bed.
This morning I wake up and go to the washroom again. And again I heard it.*hehehehe*. I am thinking what the.. So I go downstairs to switch a load of laundry and while I was walking down the stairs I hear the laughing again .. *hehehehehe*.. What the? .. I am starting to get a little freaked out by this point I look over to laundry room where it sounded like it came from and I heard.. *nope hahahah.. try again* !! Sheeeiiittt!!! I nearly crap myself and right at that time there is this spooky happy music .. *la la la la la* CHRIST!

It was at that point I noticed that the music was coming from the computer room and I started to recognize it. It was a toddler game that harley plays all the time on the computer. I happened to left it running the night before without coming back downstairs to turn it off. It just didn't help because we just watched "Hide and Seek" the night before. I was thinking maybe I was starting to become schizo.

On the way to taking Harland to his babysitters this morning and I was making a left turn on to Albert Street from 2nd Ave N. There was this truck behind me honking. At first I didn't think he was honking at me because I was waiting from the oncoming traffic to pass... and then he honks again. What the fuck? I was thinking... I continue onto albert street and the truck behind me peels past.. At this point Leanne starts yelling and giving him the finger "FUCKING ASSHOLE" she yells. The guy slows down and comes back to leanne at the side of the car while driving down albert. Leanne starts yelling again "YOU FUCKER!!" .. he yells back "Why don't you learn how to drive" and she yells back "GET OVER IT!!" .. he pulls ahead again with this look of shock on his face. I said to her after the ordeal.. all I was saying to myself was "don't get out of the car, don't get out of the car". And she says ..Yeah .. I'm sorry I shouldn't have put ourselves in danger like that.. and I said shit no! it wasn't us in danger! .. I was saying that for HIS benefit because I knew she would have lost it on him. I have learned a valuable lesson with leanne in the past where, you just don't piss her off if she is pregnant.

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Megadeth - The System Has Failed

Freaks & Geeks - episode 9: we've got spirit

Sunday, July 10, 2005

What does it mean when your urine smells like sausage?

Hide & Seek

Saturday, July 09, 2005

oh how good it feels

Herman and Bonnie got us an air conditioner from from a garage sale for 20 bucks. Herman mentioned he would help put it in our window if I can find a ladder. I phoned my buddy Mike because I knew he has been living at his house for the longest out off all of the people I know, so logically I thought, .. anyone who has owned a house for as long as him HAS to have a ladder. So he was kind enough to bring it over.

Some how along the way though from borrowing his ladder .. turned in to him putting it into my window with Herman. It has happened before. People who come to "give me a hand" end up pretty much doing it themselves. I guess I just suck. Just like Brass with the flooring. Jackie and Dell with by bordering .. the list goes on.

Anyway it is great. It totally makes a difference as well. I again will bend over for mike again in awe. I am sure that he will have work for me in the future. Though I am surprised he didn't call me to help rip his deck apart.

It is really good for leanne that we have the air conditioner now because she really seems to get hot easily.

Thank god I will never become pregnant.

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Apostle Of Hustle - Folkloric Feel
Stars - Set Yourself On Fire


Freaks & Geeks - episode 7: carded and discarded
Freaks & Geeks - episode 8: girlfriends and boyfriends

Friday, July 08, 2005

today is friday

Thank god the weekend is here .. because .. as you notice in that picture from my last blog. That will be me next week. The regular shipping guy will not be here and I will be doing it.. ok .. i'm wrong .. he is not going until wed of next week.. I guess I am still save ..
whew .. false alarm.

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Ron Sexsmith - Cobblestone Runway
System of a Down - Mezmerize

Shogun (disc 1 - second half)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Ship me away and let my son mow the lawn

I was thinking of going on a trip .. though unfortunately I pass the UPS weight restrictions. So that didn't work out.

Harley mowed the lawn for the first time last night. He used to freak out every time I started the lawnmower, but after time when he saw me do it .. he would pretend to start his toy lawnmower and make engine sounds. It's cute. But last night he wanted to help me push the mower when I was doing the lawn. I guess the sound of the engine didn't scare him any more. Hell .. who cares if he loses a couple of toes .. if I can get him to mow the lawn by himself by next summer. I'll have it made!

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Look People - Crazy Eggs
Boney M. - (assorted)
The Books - The Lemon of Pink

Freaks & Geeks - episode 6: I'm With The Band

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

happy birthday Hema & Scott

Just giving a birthday wish out to my homies. These are the only pictures I can find of them at the moment. I have a better picture .. but Lincoln is in it and fucks it all up. Not to mention hema took it from me and I never got it back yet.

Anyway .. happy birthday kids!!

Freaks & Geeks - episode 5: Tests and Breasts

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New baby's first pictures

Leanne and I went to the ultrasound today to see our new baby for the first time. Judging from the measurements they think it's about 13 weeks 5 days old.. and gave a due date for Jan 4th. .. Could a New Years baby be possible? I guess we will have to see. Leanne and I were originally hoping that the baby was going to be Jan 25th .. but from what they say .. that date seems doubtful. We showed Harland the pics .. but he didn't really seem interested at the moment.. it was like .. what the hell is this? .. I can color better than that!

So .. let's look at the pictures shall we? You can click on the picture if you desire to see it in full size.

This picture shows a frontal view of the baby, you can see the head on the right side.

Here is a closer frontal view of the head.. note that the head is now facing the oppisite way as the other picture above. The head right now as about approx 2 cm big. This made me think of the name Garcia. Simply because it looks like the Grateful dead electic skull.. see comparison below.

Here is a side pic close up view of the head, you can see it's really big hand as well .. kinda looks like six fingers .. hahaha. Baseball? ..hell the kid wouldn't even need a glove

And here another side shot showing the full profile of the baby.

That is all that they gave us of the baby this time. Next time when we see the baby at the end of August, they should be able to confirm the sex of the baby.

The whole ultrasound was really cool. This time this baby was moving way more then Harland ever did .. it looked like it was having a fun time dancin' and swimmin.

That is all ..

Oh yeah .. here is the Grateful Dead electric skull comparison as well .. Hello Garcia.


Live Aid - disc 2
Freaks & Geeks - episode 4: Kim Kelly is My Friend

Monday, July 04, 2005

Queen are King

Well we are in another month.. Live 8 was awesome, though it was disappointing knowing that Queen would never perform. I miss Freddy.

There was some cool news that I found out today about them though. They have now the #1 in the "Top 10 UK Albums chart of All Time".

Happy Fireworks day for you kids in the states.

That is all I have to say for today.

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Queen - Queen
Queen - Queen II

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Freaks and Geeks

So I watched the first 3 episodes of "Freaks and Geeks" today. I am so happy that they put this show to DVD, otherwise I would have never heard of it. The only reason I came across it was because there was a trailer for it on the SCTV DVDs. And it looked like a pretty good show. So far it's great, better than Degrassi and Saved by the Bell by miles. I recommend it to everyone. Joe Flaherty is a hilarious dad in this show to.. nearly up there with Red from 70's Show.

Freaks and Geeks - The Complete Series: disc 1

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8

So it is the day of Live 8. Will it be better than Live Aid? Doubtfully. I don't think there will ever be a performance that will top Queen's like in '85. Those were the good ol day's. I will be at home watching what I can of course. I am quite excited about the reunion of Pink Floyd. They are starting the broadcast here at 5am. I am setting up the machine to record a piece of history once again. Though .. I am not sure that it will have the same power that Live Aid Captured 20 years ago. .. 20 years? hoy shit .. I just realized that .. ... aaarrgh.. I'm old. Well .. wondering who's going to do a version of 'Sgt Pepper' .. I can just see it.

It was 20 years ago today,
Sgt. Geldolf told the fans to pay..
.. yada yada yada .. something witty about hunger in africa .. yada yada yada. Now lets get the money from the big leaders in the world and put an end to africa's proverty.


Watched and listened to:
Live 8

Friday, July 01, 2005

its a small world .. happy canada day

I know I am writting this early .. but I thought .. hey .. I usually post blogs late . so .. this time I will post one early..

It is a small world .. I was looking through the blog websites. And I came across this blog by some girl by the name of Barb.. the wacky thing is that on her web page I came across pics of Merv and Bert!! .. don't believe me? .. The proof in the pudding is here!!

Pics of Merv and Brett carrying the Firkin from St. Patties day?? That is completely wacked.