Friday, April 29, 2005


So since today was the 2nd day anniversary since the big fire down the street.... we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate with a Barbie-queue.
Lucky me got to grill.
Lucky me couldn't get the charcoals lighted because I had no lighter fluid.
Lucky me had to borrow Brass' car to get some.
Lucky me bought some.
Lucky me still could not get it lighted.
Lucky me got someone else to start it. Thanks Sean.
Lucky me got to cook burgers on charcoal that was too hot.
Lucky me singed all the hair off of my hands.
Lucky me didn't have to eat the first batch of burnt ones.

Jana was nice enough to be my friend and hang out while I burned the meat in the cold n snowy outside parking lot. And plus Jana gave me a really super kick ass painting/beading of the master himself Colonel Sanders. It soooo kicks ass!!! I am forever in her debt because of it..

Check out some of her sweet stuff at her website!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The story in the paper

So they have it written up in the leader post.

Seems kinda fishy to me. Ok buddy .. use common sense. Don't put your building on fire the same day you appeared in court for tax fraud.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


So our neighbours at work .."Bamboo Village" are on fire. Grease fire .. right through the roof.

As Sean said at work. "Damn!! He got the address wrong!!.. I guess that's what you get when you hire someone cheap!"

Just being outside for a few seconds.. and I smell like smoke.. actually the smells are starting to come towards here. Quite a mess.

Monday, April 25, 2005

A Weekend Of "See-ya"'s

I say "See-ya" because "Good-bye" just seems more permanent. And I don't want the "see-ya"'s that I said this last weekend to be "good-bye".

Last Friday Night: My buddy Chris got promotion and is moving out to Kingston, Ontario. While seeing him and his wife Leeanne (not to be confused with my wife Leanne), it was realized that we (my Leanne and I) have not seen them in almost a year!! .. last July actually. Kind of sad really. All of the times we had to get together with him since and now those chances are gone. Maybe hopefully someday if I can ever get the hell out of my hole. We can go up there for a visit. It would be a good excuse to put Leanne on a plane since she has never been on one yet.

Last Saturday Night: My friend Maria got married to Graeme (lucky lil chap) in England last March and they had a lil reception for family an friends here in Regina. She looked great in her wedding gown. Hema brought up a good point. She never really had changed in the past years at all. Still looks the same, great. Kinda neat actually, the one who's life has changed the most out of all of ours doesn't look any different. Unfortunately the only people that I knew at her wedding (other than her immediate family) were the people I came with. My wife and Hema. She mentioned that she was not sure if anyone else would have cared to be there. Silly Girl. Actually The Parkers were there as well (Christine's parents) and we sat with them. Seems that Christine is due in August. Wow! As Bob Dylan/Steve Martin says. "The Times they are a Shong-ging". I haven't talked to Christine since forever, it was nice to hear some sort of update. Tony and Cathy were going to go as well, but they recently had a little guy as well and he is still currently in the hospital so they were unable to make it.

Sunday (yesterday): Hema, who came in momentarily for the wedding left On Sunday. Hmm. Funny. He wasn't even in Regina for a period of 24 hours. It was like he came to Regina, took a crap .. and left again. Well that is not what he actually did .. but I think you get the point. Harland was taking a nap when he left. When he woke up, he seemed a little upset saying "Hema.. gone.. Hema gone"

It makes me note that you should spend as much time with everyone that you can. Because it is moments with your friends that you remember. You don't remember the extra hours you worked, or the piddly little shit at that you had to do at home instead. Or the times you were too tired to go out and do anything and rather slept at home. Spend the time with your friends. Because that is important.

I am supposed to go to the Plains tonight with my friends from work. .. but I am really tired, so I am not gonna go.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Amazing Fucking Tea

So Ahmad intoduced me to this tea today from Mighty Leaf Tea. Friggin' amazing shit. Only problem is that it is pretty pricey because the tea bags are actually little silk pouches.

Not much to say at the moment .. and I might say more later. But there is a new link up in the links of a fellow blog-mate. She's the Furryforrestcritter who is "The Critter of the Furry Forest"

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Well.. today I became a man.

I mowed my lawn.

Rob and Daelynn were awesome enough to give me a lawnmower that they didn't want late last fall. It took a little while to get it going.. flooding it didn't help.

It is amazing how mowing a lawn can make it look so much nicer.

The big challenge this year is going to be growing grass in the dirt in the backyard. But hey, I guess we will see what grass seed and a bit of fertilizer will do. Won't know until you try at least right? Right.

Thanks for the mower guys!! Thumbs up!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's funny how things happen sometimes.

Both Leanne and I are working the evening shifts today, so our friend Wendy offered to watch Harley this evening for us after she got off work. So to make it easy (since Leanne starts at 5 and Wendy's shift ends at 5) Bonnie and Herman agreed to watch him for the hour in-between, and Leanne was going to drop off the car seat with them, so Wendy can use it for Harley later.

So .. anyway, I just recently got a call from my mother who got a call from Wendy, who called her from our neighbors because she didn't have keys to our house.

.. oops.

So we forget to give Wendy keys so she could get in our house.. but we sure didn't forget the fact to leave the car-seat so she could drive 2 blocks to our house. Hmm .. I guess they could have just walked that and the car seat wouldn't have been necessary. But at least the car seat came in handy so she could come by my workplace and pick up the key.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Links Posted

Not much time to say much. ... Just wanted to point out that you will notice on the right over there I now have posted my personal favorite top 20 albums and the current albums I am listening to. Thanks to my buddy Hema for posting them on his site. You can see his site there at the links as well.
Garbage City contains some of the stuff that I have been involved with in my past and possibly future lives.
.. and I put Parlor Trixx there too.. because well.. why not. Kyle's a good kid and he posts my jokes on his site. Which .. I guess I should get my act together and give him some more.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Well the weekend was pretty fun.

Last Saturday night we went to the Lakeshore for dinner to celebrate my sister's graduation from her classes. Leanne and I shared the "Chateubriand for Two" (spelling?).
Simply amazing. That is all I can say .. simply amazing.

Our friends Kyle and Angela were awesome enough to watch Harley while we went out. No offence to Harley, but when you are at the age he is, he is not really going to be interested to "keep cool" at a restaurant like Lakeshore. So it was easier this way. Plus it seems like he had way more fun being there from the sounds of it. Kyle and Angela's daughter Eve has his drum set that she got for her birthday a little while back and Harley fell in love with the set so much that he did not want to leave it when it was time to go. Of course the lucky little sap ends up having Eve's old play drum set given to him. Well man .... to him .. It seems like the best thing since slices bread. He's been smashing on that thing any time he can get. Actually if he was hitting Eve's new set like he is with this one. I think I might need to get Eve a new set of heads.

Funny thing... when Kyle gave us the set on Saturday night, I happened to have dropped the kick pedal and Harley shoes at the front door of their house. Kyle was nice enough to offer to drop them off for us the next day. Well.. when I talked to Kyle I misunderstood what time he was going to swing by, I thought he would likely come by around 2pm. We took Harley to the museum on Sunday morning and all of us were beat when we got home at around 12-12:30 so Harley had his nap time and Leanne and I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the free time and take a nap as well. So I set the Alarm clock to go off at 1:30pm so I would have enough time to wake up and tidy a bit before Kyle came by. I was awaken from hearing a knock and a hello from the front door .. I quickly tossed on a shirt, run to the bathroom and splashed water on my face... and I to this minute .. I only remember half of the conversation that happened between Kyle and I. I must have looked like a million bucks.

Here are three albums that were introduced to me by Jana last Friday. I highly recommend them. They have been kicking my ass .. and kicking my ass hard.

Beck - Guero
Apostle Of Hustle - Folkloric Feel
Andy Stochansky - 100

Thank-you Jana for bringing these albums to my attention. I didn't even know that Beck had a new album out. Also .. funny thing. Just after I heard the Beck album last Friday, I saw him play two songs from the album on SNL last Saturday night. Weird Eh? .. of course I tapped it and watched it last night.

I hate commercials.

Friday, April 15, 2005

A funny conversation between Hema and I today

How long do I Microwave the frozen chicken burgers?! Help! I'm hungry!

Shit .. you expect me to remember ? .. doesnt it say on the package? .. ah hell .. try 2 minutes?

I couldn't find any that said they were meant for microwave. In fact I found a few that said they were not recommending microwave cooking of chicken burgers. I didn't buy those ones.

Well .. what the fucking hell then ..
.. I was at safeway yesterday .. and I couldnt even find any breaded chicked burgers at all .. but the lady at the deli did mentioned that they were having problems with the stock being late .. so maybe they dont have anything? Not sure. Sorry man. Let me know how you do.
Actually come to think of it. The last chicken burgers I had I did in the toaster oven when I was at my mothers. Hmm.. I think that maybe they were never done in the microwave. I think we just zapped them a bit to melt the cheese??
Gotta toaster oven?

No toaster oven. Nuked for 7 min. I hope I don't die from Sasparilla posioning.

You will be in my prayers..

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Alright .. It is time .. things are now starting to flourish .. I have been away for wayyyy too long ..

I am back .. and I have returned for your children.

I definately has been a very long time since our last engagement. Infact.. My son will be 2 years old coming up..

.. we shall continue for I do have to go an pick him up .. but as I said before .. Our time will not be as short.