Friday, May 30, 2003

As I sit here and figure out my bills and financial crap since it was payday .. I suddenly realise that this will most likely be my last paycheck before I am a father.

Kinda freaky. But really exciting at the same time.

Gotta buy me a lotto ticket.

Also coming soon!!! Everyone has there "desert island disc" list .. or top 10, definative, or favorite of the year... I am compiling a different list .. since it is hard to pick faves ... I am going to make a list of albums that "Don't wear thin". This will be my personal list of albums that I can listen to and never have or never will grow tired of. Something that you can hear again, again and again.. and never get sick of it. I will give that list in the future.

Ah .. yet again .. I don't write in here enough .. but I shall.

Strange thing .. I have marked myself as "on vacation" from the radio show for now. I find that as the time goes on closer to the birth date and Leanne gets more tired .. the more I want to be with her every second I can. It will be weird to be away from the show .. but I know Tony and Bill will be good to go.

Love to all.. I shall write again.

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