Monday, April 14, 2003

It is amazing how certain forms of entertainment can lift up your spirits. Last night, after Leanne got off work, we went straight to Café Ultimate to see a “open mic” show that is hosted every week by Dave Lang, Dave Taylor and Michelle Boudreau. Well let me tell ya. This was my first experience with the show and now I am hooked. This last night’s show offered the talents of Dave and Dave and was looking like nobody else was going to perform, until later on. I started noticing other people coming in and putting there name on the list either to perform a set of music or to do a spoken word piece or whatever they wish. There was a guy who did a spoken word piece of his experience of meeting a girl in a bar, a guitar duo couple who performed some instrumental and lyrical pieces.. and an older guy with his all girl back up band (his wife, daughter?? .. and a friend) doing an “old-time country and fiddle” set … good stuff.

This form of entertainment was so “new” to me that I was literally blown away. I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a form of this elsewhere here in Regina. I have been to “open mic” shows in the past that were more just a blues jam or something hosted by a band, but this was way different. There was not “mold” to fit into of playing the regular blues bar riff jams that get kind of monotonous after a while. And get quite annoying. This show inspired me so much that is makes me want to blow the dust off of my bass and start practicing. I haven’t touched the thing since the last Lungbutter performance on the radio over a year ago.

During the performances … all I said to myself was .. man .. why haven’t I gone to this .. and thinking of all the good and bad performances … but the beautiful thing is that whether they are good or bad .. most likely all performances that are being done in a scenario like this are true, real and heartfelt performances. Someone who believes in themselves enough to show what they got is way more entertaining then some produced band that was pushed by a record company to tour and make money.

Unfortunately Leanne and I left a little early, just before Tyler Banadyga was about to perform because she was getting a tired and wiped out. … damn pregnancy … oh well I want my wife to be as comfortable as she can be.

It is good to see things like this in Regina, and it gives an opportunity for other performers in the dark to play and get a feel for a live performance in front of people if they have never done such a thing before.

So I recommend if you are doing nothing on a Sunday between the hours of 5 and 9 pm and you live in Regina. Check out Café Ultimate and Dave Lang’s hosted show. I think he calls it the “Beaver Lodge” or the Beaver-Tail Lodge.. but I am not sure. There is fun had by all anyway. It does not cost anything to get in to see the entertainment. And if you have a song that you want to perform, poetry, spoken word.. .. or hell if you do magic tricks or juggle .. I think it is a great way to spend an early Sunday evening. Hell knows if I will ever get the balls to do something myself… but it is still a fine place of entertainment.

Performances to me is like food. Would you like to eat a home made meal made with love and care… or set yourself down to a process burger that was made the same like all the others.

The choice is obvious.

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