Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I wrote this to my friend Hema... I thought I would post it here as well


Get this .. this is funny. I noticed yesterday on the internet that techtronics were having a sale with there 256MB DDR Ram for 39.95... Holy shit I thought .. this is a steal of a deal!! I have never seen it this cheap.. so I thought .. hell I will go get some. Also Brass from work wanted a stick as well so I was going to pick him one up as well.

I get there and I said, " I would like 2 of your 256 DDR Ram that is one sale" .. OK .. he goes and gets some and starts to charge me 49.95 of each stick. I say,"No... that is not the price, they were supposed to be 39.95"

"Do you have a coupon or something, because we don't sell it at that price"

"Bullshit you don't sell it at that price.. Your webpage says 39.95"

"Oh .. the webpage is for Calgary prices."

"What .. it does not say that any where on the webpage. I came here to get the 2 sticks for 40 bucks each and if you don't want to sell them to me for that price.. then I just wont by them"

"... but that is the Calgary price."

"That is not the impression that I got from your webpage. Check the webpage yourself and tell me what you see."

He doesn't bother checking the website .. but he then walks into the office.. and comes back with a page from a newspaper of some sort and proceeds to cut out a coupon. I realize that the coupon that he is cutting out has a picture of the ram and the 39.95 price.

"We only have limited quantities .. and our store is not supposed to sell them at that price."

sells me the sticks. I leave.

I then checked the website later and noticed there WAS a link on the page for saskatchewan prices. The ram was on sale for 49.95.....
I got them for 39.95

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