Thursday, April 10, 2003

Here is a letter that I sent in response to Tony's post on Wed April 9th.

I decided halfway through the email to tony that I would make it a blog posting.


The Perogie Czar???

Is there such a place???

There is a quizno's sub right beside the "big ass" Shopper's Drug Mart in the south end. Leanne and I saw it and it looked like a shining beacon... saying... "come here. Taste me". I was wanting to go there since we saw it in Edmonton and Calgary .. but it just never seemed to work out to get there.

We went there on Tuesday before the Welcome wagon baby shower thing that was held at the west harvest inn. We were looking for a place to eat that was close by and there was quizno's... There is an Extreme pita right beside it as well. How Regina can keep up all of these restaurants is beyond me. It is a little pricey.. but fuck it was good. They come in three sizes. Small 5" Regular 8" and Large 12" ... I should of stuck with the 8" .. I was gagging on the extra 4". filling ... very filling.

I have now decided that I am going to put this letter as my blog post .. so I will just keep typing.

Last night I had a weird experience. Leanne has been having insomnia and trouble sleeping for the last while, so she was up at around 3:30 doing stuff. I woke up realizing that she was not in bed and went to check out what she was up to. She was just reading a book. We sat up together for a while and yapped for a while. We put the TV on it was about 4 or so at this time.. and we ending up flipping between 2 shows because I wanted to watch them both. "Real Sex" on Showcase and then "Sesame Street" on PBS. I caught myself struggling to decide whether to watch Teenage Girls in a Webcam Voyeur Dorm room playing twister naked or the drama of Cookie Monster getting blamed for eating cookies that he did not eat.

Thinking about it now, fully awake. I think I still would have watched both channels at the same time.

This past week has had quite the "baby theme" for me.
Monday - took the tour of the hospital for prenatal class
Tuesday - went to the welcome wagon baby shower..didn't win any of the door prizes .. but still got some free stuff. That is always good.
Wednesday - Went to see our fresh new nephew, Brandon James Hubbard. Cute little guy, looks like he could be the brother of his other two brothers.
Tonight - Prenatal Class. I am not sure what tonight's class is going to be focused on .. but it will be a trip none the less.

Tomorrow night will halt my "baby theme". But that is ok .. I had enough babies for now. Though as each day gets closer, I get more excited about our own.

Well I guess I should get to work.
talk to you later, send me that list for CE if you can ... well.. I guess I can just get it from you tomorrow if you don't have the time to type it out


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