Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Ich sehe, daß jenes Lurch einen Tritt aus erhalten hat, wenn die Engish Übersetzung der deutschen Übersetzung vom Englisch. Mein Englisch ist schlecht genug, während es ist, aber es ist wirklich fucked, wenn Sie es zu Deutsch und Rückseite zu Englisch wieder übersetzen.

Das war der Punkt des Briefs. Ich werde dieses wieder, ach ja machen... nicht zweifelt mich.. dies wird erscheinen öfter.

Ich liebe www.freetranslation.com!!

Ehrlich denke ich nicht, daß ich je genug von dieser Scheiße erhalten werde. Weg zu lustigem Mann.. Weg zu lustig.

Gil's recommended song of the day

Okay.. now truthfully .. this is not really a recommended song of the day because I don't do this everyday and I don't know if I will be ever doing it again, but I heard a song by The Meat Purveyors called tallboy. I thought it was awesome...maybe you will too. You can find the download of the song on this page. Scroll down the page, you find it underneath the information on the album that it is from: "More Songs about Buildings and Cows".

Monday, April 28, 2003

Bad Joke of the Day

What will it take for the Beatles to reunite?

2 Bullets.

Verstehen Sie Deutsch?

Dieses Aufstellen, das Sie werden gelesen jetzt gleich in Deutsch übersetzt worden ist. Sie werden zu http://www.freetranslation.com/, wenn Sie wie nicht wissen, Deutsch zu lesen. Wenn Sie werden gelesen dies auf deutsch jetzt gleich, dann ich appologize für mein armes Deutsch, da ich nicht weiß wie zu sprechen ein einzelnes Wort davon.,. Ich habe gedacht, daß es Spaß machen, einen blog wie das aufzustellen. Und Sie wissen was? Ich hatte recht.

Es ist unheimlich, wie diese freien Übersetzer Dinge wie dies machen kann. Jetzt, wenn ich je irgendein von der E-mail Anschriften meiner Freunde und Familie in Deutschland ich gehabt habe, dieses kann benutzen, wenn sie Englisch nicht gewußt haben, oder auch umgekehrt. Wundere ich mich, obwohl, was die Leute die wahre Übersetzung des Briefs erhalten, es ordentlich ist übersetzt worden? Ich errate in den meisten Fällen, daß dieser Brief ordentlich nicht übersetzt wird.

Ich errate, wenn Sie dies auf englisch jetzt gleich gelesen werden, es vom ursprünglichen deutschen Text ist übersetzt worden. Ich mache höchst wahrscheinlich dieses wieder irgendwann. ..., damit Ihre Augen offen behält, und erinnere mich, an http://www.freetranslation.com/, es in Ihrer gewünschten Sprache zu lesen.

Es ist Spaß Ausgeben zusammen diesmal gemacht und ich hoffe, daß wir erhalten, es wieder irgendwann zu machen.

Come on in, The Doors are open.

Ah .. yes .. everybody wants a piece of the pie... Here is somethin that I stumbled across today

APRIL 24 - -The parents of Jim Morrison yesterday sued two of their son's former Doors bandmates, claiming that the musicians, now touring in a reformed version of the famous group, have "maliciously misappropriated" the name and logo of The Doors and are using Morrison's poetry and photos without permission. In a Los Angeles Superior Court complaint, octogenarians George and Clara Morrison allege that Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger have stolen "these valuable property rights" in a bid to promote and market "a new band that they recently organized with two other individuals that have never been associated with the original Doors band" and which plans on launching "a national and international tour in order to wrongfully enrich themselves." Along with Manzarek and Krieger, the Morrisons have named as a defendant Ian Astbury, The Cult's former lead singer and the man now trying to fill Morrison's leather pants. The lawsuit, a key excerpt from which is below, does not specify damages, but demands that the defendants "disgorge all profits which they have improperly received" from the band's resuscitation. The complaint also seems to take a swipe at the new band's musicianship, noting that the group has "attempted to play songs written and made popular by the original Doors band in a manner which attempts to copy the original distinctive sound of The Doors." The reformed Doors tour has apparently been successful, with the group playing a sold-out show ($70 per ticket) tonight at New York City's Roseland Ballroom (capacity of about 3000). Joining the Morrisons as plaintiffs in the L.A. lawsuit are Columbus and Pearl Courson, the parents of Pamela Courson, Jim Morrison's late common-law wife. The Morrisons and Coursons share a 25 percent ownership stake in the corporations formed to administer the Doors partnerships. The other 25 percent partners are Manzarek, Krieger, and former Doors drummer John Densmore.

No comment .. I think the story itself says it all.

One thing I will say is .. if you get TNN.... watch MOST EXTREME ELIMINATION CHALLENGE It comes on Saturday evenings and repeats on Sunday evenings .. at around 6 or 7 .. something like that .. check your local listings .. but man .. what a great show. It is footage from a Japanese game show called Takeshi's Castle about 10 or 15 years ago, edited and overdubbed in english, but nowhere near the actual translation. There more like improvised "Mad Movies", if you remember that show .. and piss your pants hilarious. I recommend it to everyone.

The original gameshow concept is that there are group of people seperated into 2 teams and compete through different obstacles to conquer the castle. Though I do enjoy the Americanized version of the show but I am left to wonder if there is any seqments that we may be missing that would be enjoyable as well. Nonetheless .. I am a fan of the show.

Move over Iron Chef.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

The best thing to happen for use of the internet. Hate popups like I do? Then the avant browser is for you!!! This makes the internet way more enjoyable!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I never been a big fan of online chat crap .. but I will admit I signed on to game show network today. I like the whammy online game .. very enjoyable and met some other game show junkies as well while playing a little bit of whammy.

I have yet to try the interactive game thing yet though.. I do plan on it sometime if I ever get a chance to see match game again.

Well easter has past and the ham has been eaten. A camera has been purchased and the pictures have been taken. The BBQ has been assembled and the propane tank filled. And the latest Strongbad email is funny as usual.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Man .. I hate sneezing. It really hurts.

Monday, April 14, 2003

It is amazing how certain forms of entertainment can lift up your spirits. Last night, after Leanne got off work, we went straight to Café Ultimate to see a “open mic” show that is hosted every week by Dave Lang, Dave Taylor and Michelle Boudreau. Well let me tell ya. This was my first experience with the show and now I am hooked. This last night’s show offered the talents of Dave and Dave and was looking like nobody else was going to perform, until later on. I started noticing other people coming in and putting there name on the list either to perform a set of music or to do a spoken word piece or whatever they wish. There was a guy who did a spoken word piece of his experience of meeting a girl in a bar, a guitar duo couple who performed some instrumental and lyrical pieces.. and an older guy with his all girl back up band (his wife, daughter?? .. and a friend) doing an “old-time country and fiddle” set … good stuff.

This form of entertainment was so “new” to me that I was literally blown away. I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a form of this elsewhere here in Regina. I have been to “open mic” shows in the past that were more just a blues jam or something hosted by a band, but this was way different. There was not “mold” to fit into of playing the regular blues bar riff jams that get kind of monotonous after a while. And get quite annoying. This show inspired me so much that is makes me want to blow the dust off of my bass and start practicing. I haven’t touched the thing since the last Lungbutter performance on the radio over a year ago.

During the performances … all I said to myself was .. man .. why haven’t I gone to this .. and thinking of all the good and bad performances … but the beautiful thing is that whether they are good or bad .. most likely all performances that are being done in a scenario like this are true, real and heartfelt performances. Someone who believes in themselves enough to show what they got is way more entertaining then some produced band that was pushed by a record company to tour and make money.

Unfortunately Leanne and I left a little early, just before Tyler Banadyga was about to perform because she was getting a tired and wiped out. … damn pregnancy … oh well I want my wife to be as comfortable as she can be.

It is good to see things like this in Regina, and it gives an opportunity for other performers in the dark to play and get a feel for a live performance in front of people if they have never done such a thing before.

So I recommend if you are doing nothing on a Sunday between the hours of 5 and 9 pm and you live in Regina. Check out Café Ultimate and Dave Lang’s hosted show. I think he calls it the “Beaver Lodge” or the Beaver-Tail Lodge.. but I am not sure. There is fun had by all anyway. It does not cost anything to get in to see the entertainment. And if you have a song that you want to perform, poetry, spoken word.. .. or hell if you do magic tricks or juggle .. I think it is a great way to spend an early Sunday evening. Hell knows if I will ever get the balls to do something myself… but it is still a fine place of entertainment.

Performances to me is like food. Would you like to eat a home made meal made with love and care… or set yourself down to a process burger that was made the same like all the others.

The choice is obvious.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

What a Joke

Here is a big waste of money and time. ... ....though ... if what they are saying in the campaign were to become true. I think that would improve the commercial radio stations from the crap that they are playing on them right now.

Here is a letter that I sent in response to Tony's post on Wed April 9th.

I decided halfway through the email to tony that I would make it a blog posting.


The Perogie Czar???

Is there such a place???

There is a quizno's sub right beside the "big ass" Shopper's Drug Mart in the south end. Leanne and I saw it and it looked like a shining beacon... saying... "come here. Taste me". I was wanting to go there since we saw it in Edmonton and Calgary .. but it just never seemed to work out to get there.

We went there on Tuesday before the Welcome wagon baby shower thing that was held at the west harvest inn. We were looking for a place to eat that was close by and there was quizno's... There is an Extreme pita right beside it as well. How Regina can keep up all of these restaurants is beyond me. It is a little pricey.. but fuck it was good. They come in three sizes. Small 5" Regular 8" and Large 12" ... I should of stuck with the 8" .. I was gagging on the extra 4". filling ... very filling.

I have now decided that I am going to put this letter as my blog post .. so I will just keep typing.

Last night I had a weird experience. Leanne has been having insomnia and trouble sleeping for the last while, so she was up at around 3:30 doing stuff. I woke up realizing that she was not in bed and went to check out what she was up to. She was just reading a book. We sat up together for a while and yapped for a while. We put the TV on it was about 4 or so at this time.. and we ending up flipping between 2 shows because I wanted to watch them both. "Real Sex" on Showcase and then "Sesame Street" on PBS. I caught myself struggling to decide whether to watch Teenage Girls in a Webcam Voyeur Dorm room playing twister naked or the drama of Cookie Monster getting blamed for eating cookies that he did not eat.

Thinking about it now, fully awake. I think I still would have watched both channels at the same time.

This past week has had quite the "baby theme" for me.
Monday - took the tour of the hospital for prenatal class
Tuesday - went to the welcome wagon baby shower..didn't win any of the door prizes .. but still got some free stuff. That is always good.
Wednesday - Went to see our fresh new nephew, Brandon James Hubbard. Cute little guy, looks like he could be the brother of his other two brothers.
Tonight - Prenatal Class. I am not sure what tonight's class is going to be focused on .. but it will be a trip none the less.

Tomorrow night will halt my "baby theme". But that is ok .. I had enough babies for now. Though as each day gets closer, I get more excited about our own.

Well I guess I should get to work.
talk to you later, send me that list for CE if you can ... well.. I guess I can just get it from you tomorrow if you don't have the time to type it out


Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Quizno's subs ... thank-you for entering into my life.

Damn You Monty Hall!

Since the time change, "let's make a deal" comes on at an earlier time.

This fucks up my whole schedule.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I wrote this to my friend Hema... I thought I would post it here as well


Get this .. this is funny. I noticed yesterday on the internet that techtronics were having a sale with there 256MB DDR Ram for 39.95... Holy shit I thought .. this is a steal of a deal!! I have never seen it this cheap.. so I thought .. hell I will go get some. Also Brass from work wanted a stick as well so I was going to pick him one up as well.

I get there and I said, " I would like 2 of your 256 DDR Ram that is one sale" .. OK .. he goes and gets some and starts to charge me 49.95 of each stick. I say,"No... that is not the price, they were supposed to be 39.95"

"Do you have a coupon or something, because we don't sell it at that price"

"Bullshit you don't sell it at that price.. Your webpage says 39.95"

"Oh .. the webpage is for Calgary prices."

"What .. it does not say that any where on the webpage. I came here to get the 2 sticks for 40 bucks each and if you don't want to sell them to me for that price.. then I just wont by them"

"... but that is the Calgary price."

"That is not the impression that I got from your webpage. Check the webpage yourself and tell me what you see."

He doesn't bother checking the website .. but he then walks into the office.. and comes back with a page from a newspaper of some sort and proceeds to cut out a coupon. I realize that the coupon that he is cutting out has a picture of the ram and the 39.95 price.

"We only have limited quantities .. and our store is not supposed to sell them at that price."

sells me the sticks. I leave.

I then checked the website later and noticed there WAS a link on the page for saskatchewan prices. The ram was on sale for 49.95.....
I got them for 39.95