Thursday, March 06, 2003

Well, We moved the weekend of the 22nd, and boy what a party it was. It’s times like that when I realize How lucky we are with the friends that we have. There were 12 (i think) of us that moved everything, it made everything go pretty smoothy, except for just a couple of mishaps ..but hell, shit happens.

Leanne’s brother Jason nearly broke his neck that day… ok well maybe not his neck .. but he could have really seriously fucking injured himself, like his neck or something. I was in the apartment packing and cleaning leftover shit while all the other guys were moving stuff. While I was doing this I saw Jason grab two milk crates of CD’s (each with roughly 125-150 discs stuffed inside) He seemed to handle it no problem.. so I didn’t think much of it and I saw him walk out the door. A few seconds later…BANG!!!! I ran outside wondering what the fuck it was and at the bottom of the first flight of stairs was Jason going … “Your CD’s are alright!! Your CD’s are all right!!!” I then noticed that all the CD’s were still in the crates so I didn’t realize what he was talking about ..then I saw the big puncture in the wall that was shaped like a corner of the milk crate. The carpet on the stairs was loose and wearing out on the edge of three of the steps, his boot got caught and the rest of him still wanted to go on.. so he lost his balance and down he went. I said .. “Fuck the CD’s” are you alright?? He insisted that he was .. but you can tell he was sure stressed about what just happened and was really worried that this was going to affect the outcome of our damage deposit. I tried to tell him not to worry about it for now and I will deal with it .. but he took it upon himself to call the landlord and deal with it at that moment. Later .. the landlord came to look at it and told Jason not to worry about it, it was just an accident and it would be taken care off, assuring him that Leanne and I will not have to pay for it. Jason himself was going to pay for the damages but the landlord was told him not to worry about it at all. I personally think that landlord was doing everything he could to stay away from what could have been a possible lawsuit.

I was amazed how smoothly the move went. I am also amazed at all the people the helped. Even my buddies Hema and Scott came in from out of town to help us move. I couldn’t thank all my friends enough for all the help that they gave me with the move. It was awesome. Hema even helped Leanne and I clean the place after the move .. and also Daelynn.. let me tell ya.. if you need someone to pack shit for ya really fast and at record time? Then Dae is the woman for the job.

Time does go by fast. Now when I think about it, that was almost two weeks ago. And I guess it was two weeks ago since my last blog. Wow. So much, so little. ..I think I will make a T-shirt that says that. “So Much, So Little” .. that is fucking awesome. I’m a fucking genius!!

Here are some things that have happened in the past 2 weeks, since my last blog to take note of.

- Got the computer set up and now using sasktel instead of access for both internet and TV. Pretty sweet.
- Leanne put up blinds and curtains in the bedroom and kitchen, getting off while using her new drill that she got for her birthday. She loves that drill.
- Watched some movies in the past couple of weeks (incl: Fubar, Eight Legged Freaks, Dude where’s my car and Old School)
- Was introduced to “Kenny Roger’s Jackass” and nearly pissed my pants.
- Watched the NEVER BEFORE AIRED pilot episode of “Let’s make a Deal” on the Game Show Network. Fucking best station in the world.
- Experience the joys of having a washing maching, dryer and a REAL fridge in the apartment. Mmmmm…. Freezer space.
- Getting the car stuck in the rut behind Tony’s apartment and calling a Tow Truck to get the little bitch out. I am hoping Tony will blog that one for your reading enjoyment.
- Buying Groceries. Ah.. where we would be without groceries
- Slowly unpacking boxes, getting shit more organized and getting on with our lives

All these and more (believe it or not) have happened. I’m definitely not bored. But one of the hardest things that Leanne and I had to do happened just last night. We decided to give up Finnegan (our Guinea Pig) and gave him to a pet store that just happened to be looking for a male to mate with their female that they had. I miss him already, but what made it a little easier was that he was staying at my mom’s for the past month.

Leanne and I talked about it for the past while and came to the decision that this would be the best for all of us. Both Leanne and I had allergic reactions to the little guy, (well for me, it was more his bedding and hay than him) so our main concern was when our child came, how will her/his reaction be to him. Not to mention that Guinea Pigs are animals that require a fair amount of attention and like to interact. When our baby comes, I feel that we would not give him enough attention at all. Since he is going to be a breeder, he will be getting plenty of loving now. Also add that to the fact that we are not allowed to have pets in the apartment and other things, this would be the best. We will be going by the store once and a while to say hello to him. I hope the best for him.

When we took him to the store last night, I think we made the store girl very uncomfortable. Here we were with tears going down our eyes telling the girl what his likes and dislikes were.. and the look on her face was .. please get the fuck out now .. your freaking me out. .. I don’t blame her though, she was just told by the manager that we were going to come by with a guinea pig, I don’t think she was prepared for a cage, a crapload of stuff for him and being told about his manners. Not to mention we were both near wrecks. Not easy to go though. And that was just a pet!!

It makes me wonder of the emotions that some parents go through when they have to give their child up for adoption.

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