Monday, March 10, 2003

My head is pounding and I want to sleep. I haven't been able to really concentrate on anything here at work right now. I decided to write a blog because I am just trying to get my mind off of my pounding head. My headache pretty much started on Friday night. Tony and Renea were over at our place and we rented a movie. Before we started the movie, Renea wanted to Tony to grab her bag of munchies that she picked up at the store. Thinking that there were only chips in the bag, Tony decided to knock the bag up against the side of my head and catch me off guard. Well .. both of us got more than we wanted. There was also a can of diet pepsi in the bag that decided to lunge forth at the back of my head right behind my ear. THUD!!!! I have been a grump with a headache since.

Anyway.. The movie we watched was "Death To Smoochy" starring Robin Williams and Ed Norton. On of those movies where you can't judge a movie by it's reviews. Watch it and make up your own mind. I personally really enjoyed it.

Saturday continued the weekend in with getting some more stuff organized at the apartment and sleep. Taking shape, slowly but surely. Our friend Crystal was in town and Leanne and I went with her and Daelynn to bushwakkers. It was a bonding experience of all of us. I touched Crystal's boob. We all went to The State afterwards. Man.. I really am not part of the club scene, we only went because Crystal was in town and we wanted to hang with her a bit more. What can I say .. it's the state.. the only cool things that are worth mentioning is that I saw Joe Duarte working there. I guess he has been a bouncer there for the past 6 months or so. The other funny thing was that the water pipes there had frozen up and City of Regina shut them down for the evening since the bathrooms were not functional. HaahaaHaaHeeHeeHeeHoHoHoHaHaHa (.. i am the walrus kuku-ke-chew)

Sunday consisted of a fine breakfast at Simply delicious.. which was simply ..delightful. Other than the fact that Crystal, Daelynn and I all looked like we were hungover.. and Leanne was the bright one, which is funny because she has always been looking tired lately because of her pregnancy. Later on in the afternoon, our good friend Mike gave us a hand in picking up a Crib and stoller that was givin' to us from Deb (the head houncho from work). And this crib is awesome!!! Thank-you deb.. I couldn't thank her enough. It is a kick ass crib and very steardy.. it will definately make it's way around to other families after me. Mike also took me to A&B sound to pick up a new CD shelf for the apartment. You can never have enough shelves. We also went to Mike, Cindy and Tylers for a wonderful evening of chat.. I still feel like I got drunk off of the fake beer. Tyler was forcing me to drink. What they teach that kid ... hahahahahaha.

Which pretty much settles up my weekend if you were wondering.. OH SHIT .. I just realized I did not talk about our friday afternoon!! Leanne and I got to see our son/daugher for the first time!! In an ultrasound. I never realized how cool an ultrasound was, It was amazing how much detail that they can get from it. Doing closeups of the heart an all. I loved every min of it. Unfortunately .. our time at the ultrasound was cut short. The lady with the machine took all the pics that she needed .. and then she was going through everything with us ..pointing out different parts and stuff, we even saw the little guy/girl sucking on it tounge.. like it was talking to us and saying hello. So awesome. Not long after that .. the power went off in the whole building for about 40 min or so.. But we hung in there hoping that we could continue our session, and making sure that all the photos that she did take saved properly. Everything saved properly, and we couldn't look some more.. but it was still a cool experience. If Leanne has to get another ultrasound in the future at all .. I am going to let my mom go. She never got to do anything that cool when she was with us .. so I wan't her to see what it was like.

well that's it ... right now the only thing that on my mind ( other than the obvious pain ) .. is me going to bed when I get home.

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