Thursday, February 20, 2003

I just noticed that Tony recently wrote in his blog. It was good to see somethin’ in there .. he hasn’t written in that thing damn close to a month now. If you haven’t read anything in there.. I damn well suggest that you do.

As for me, I had a 5:18 this morning. At least that is what I am calling it, to help remember the first time I felt my future child kick in mommy’s tummy. It was pretty awesome. I was woke up from Leanne, grabbing my hand and saying “feel this!!”… I put my had on her belly .. not feeling anything and nearly falling back asleep again. Suddenly, her stomach “convulsed” with such a power, it nearly knocked my hand off. It was super-cool. Then I started thinking, I gotta get this kid in Karate or something. Move over Ralph Macchio.

So Leanne and I have been pretty busy with packing and not really getting anywhere. So that’s where we are on that front. I’m not gonna bore you with that shit….

..but I funny thing happened this morning when I was telling Leanne about the dream I had this morning as we where walking down the stairs from the apartment on the way to work. It ended with me saying “…since you were asking me to stick my cock in your mouth.” And there was the landlord. “HEY! Busy moving!?”

… I never did finish telling Leanne the rest of my story.

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