Saturday, January 18, 2003

To those of you who have been waiting for a blog posting.

Here you go.

I shall return. I am sorry that I have been neglecting my blogs as of late. But here is some new news that is happening in my life. It was Leanne's moms birthday today.. or I guess I should say last night now since this will say that the posting is Saturday early morning. Even though it is still friday night. We were out at the farm .. good times had by all. Even though it was a short visit, the drive was quite amusing and scary at the same time.The wind was blowing quite heavily and quite a bit of snow drifts were covering the streets. One drift was so big that I din't realize it until it was too late and a big poof explosion happened and sonw was everywhere. ... OK that explanation sucked ass but .. take my word for it .. it was superscary cool.

Also, Leanne and I looked at a different apartment today and we are going to give our notice tomorrow for moving on March 1st. The new about the same size .. but the good thing is that it has a washer and a dryer, main level entrance (NO STAIRS!!! YAY!), new carpet and lino... and I think the posibility of a new fridge as well. And a pool too. (..not a big deal .. but it would be nice for summer. Moving does suck .. but the truth is .. we have to do it now so we can settle in before the little one wants to "settle in" Actually the one that we looked at is available for Feb 1st .. but that is just too soon .. and not enough notice for the other place... but the other one is pretty much the same and will be available for March.. so the landlord of the new place (which oddly enough was the original landlord for our current place) said that everything is cool and we can give our notice. There is one thing that does suck about the place though .. The fireplace is located against the kitchen wall where our TV would be.. aargh... I don't know how the fuck we are going to arrange everything to make it fit... Maybe we will cover the fireplace and not use it .. Hmmmmmm.....

don't know if all of this makes much sense.. but I am getting tired .. it is late .. and I still feel a little booze in me and I am too tired to proofread all this crap. When I got home from the farm, Brett came by and we went to Bushwakkers. It was good times. I don't feel like a see enough of brett sometimes .. so it was good for him and I to drink beer together. Beer & Friends. .... which reminds me .. I still have to see Colin's pad. I don'tsee all my friends enough. ... and ... sorry dad .. I will come see you most likely this weekend (...hell knows why I am saying that .. it's not like he can read it.)

Wish you were here Hema.

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