Monday, December 08, 2003

It has been a while since I posted. And unfortunately I am posting with very sad news.

Rev. Neil McCall
1973 - 2003

You will be missed my friend. It is unfortunate that I did not hear about the news until the evening that your funeral has passed.

My fondest memory of my friend Neil.

Back in the days when I was working at Value Village, Neil was picking me up from work so we could go hang out one day. Well he came a little early and I wasn't done the shift yet, so he decided to practice he juggling in the parking lot. What made it interesting is that he just started juggling fire batons (I think they are called batons). He had a ice cream pail of gasoline that he would dip the batons in to "refresh". When the flame would go out he would, blow it and dip it in for more gasoline. Well what happened.. was he thought the flame was out when he blew it.. puts it in the bucket and suddenly realises that it was still ignited as the whole bucket was on fire. In the mess of panic and what the hell to do next and instant rection, he decides to blow it out. Wrong Choice. **WHOOOSH** The flames came up and singed he eyebrows and the front of his hair. Which looked kinda funny because at that time he had long co-co-curley hair, but slightly "melted" in the front. He then kicks the pail over and the flame went across the parking lot and died out. The pail was melted to the concrete as well. Good times.

The next day when I went to work, Paula (my supervisor at the time) told me that the police and firemen were at the scene because it was reported to them the someone was trying to set the bank (in the same mall as value village) on fire.

Neil, you will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

Friday, August 22, 2003

*gasp* - *hat off, head down*

Peace be with you Wesley.

Wesley Willis
(1963 - 2003)

Friday, August 15, 2003

Fucking Cars pt II

So After the Beer at the Beach weekend, and the good time with the PT Cruiser, I took the puppy car (the tempo that went to shit on the way out to the lake) to the shop to see what the damages were. Driving the car to the shop, I knew it was not good.

My car was a fog making factory on the way to the shop. Anyone who was behind me would not have been able to see a thing. I say this because I could not see anything in my rear-view at all. How I wish I was able to see it from the side. A car (filled with puppy paw prints and other stupid stickers) driving down the road with a Shitload of smoke behind him.. I looked like the car was on fire. I thought to myself… Antifreeze has definitely got into the engine … and it is at a point of no return. As I thought, the head gasket and something else was cracked .. and the fix was going to be anywhere between 800-1500 dollars. Of course I could not afford it .. so I grit my teeth, went back to the shop, took the licence plates off, stereo out of the car, other crap from the trunk and glove compartment and left it there saying goodbye. It killed me, it was like saying goodbye to a friend. Just thinking about it right now is tearing me up. I had a lot of memories in that car.

I left the shop with tears in my eyes and a broken heart, looking at my friend in the rear-view mirror rarely taking my eyes off him till I turned the corner.

Fucking Cars Pt. 1

It sure is funny.

I hate cars… I really do. They are nothing but money pits.. but we (at least me) are brought up to rely on the fucking things, so here we are putting money into these things. I am just a little bitter because no matter how much money I spend on fixing the one that I have right now .. I still can’t trust it. It stalls in the hot weather if it has been idling to long.. or if you run it .. stop it .. then you can’t start it. It has been a real bitch this past week since it has been in the 30’s and it is humid as a bitch .. not nice to my car at all.

I am currently having my alternator replaced in it .. I am only replacing it with a used one .. because the less money I put into this thing the better. It has caused me nothing but grief. Even when I don’t use it.

For example .. a couple of weeks ago, Leanne, Harley and I went to the annual Beer at the Beach at crooked lake. We do this every year. Well this year since we were having so much trouble with our ’87 Chrysler lebaron GTS (the one I am having the alternator replaced in) we decided to take my ’87 ford tempo to the lake. Pack it all up .. and off we go .. about 40 min or so (maybe less maybe more) out of Regina.. just by Qu’Pelle (how ever that is spelt) there car started to chug and the smell of antifreeze was in the air (I can’t tell you how familiar I am with that smell) Pull the car over to the side .. lift the hood .. the engine was hotter than a bitch and antifreeze was BOILING in my reserve. So .. it looked to me that the water pump went, but I wasn’t sure… cause what the hell do I know? ? I’m not a fucking mechanic.. so .. of course I am flustered wondering what the hell to do now .. and my wife, god bless her .. got out of the car .. and flagged down a car. It was pretty hot and our son was sweatin’ buckets, hence Leanne’s strong determined, no one is fucking with my son, mother strong attitude. Got the first car the passed .. I think her standing almost in the middle of the road helped the situation. A couple with a kid, pulled over and let us use there cell phone. Contacted the guys at the lake and helped us get in contact with my mother. I didn’t have a CAA card .. or a VISA with fuck all .. so I was pretty much fucked… Good ol mother .. looking after her kids. So the 3 of us .. hung out and waited.

It didn’t seem like that much longer when my mother came up and met us on the highway. It freaked me out at first because I just thought it was a crazy ass driver that was going to ram into us. Nope.. it was my mother.. Completely freaked out.. And ready to have a heart attack. Doing 140 the whole way there. So we looked at the car, started it, .. didn’t run too bad .. so we thought we would take our chances and drive it back home. Mom followed us home driving mostly 60 the whole way. When we got back into regina, I was surprised that the car made it there with the way it was jolting and thrusting us back and forth .. like “the little train that could”…

So .. here we are in Regina again 4 hours later, with the impression thinking that we were not going to make BATB this year. We then decided to get a rental car.. After calling 5 rental companies, we finally found one that had 1 mid size car available. Since it was the Beginning of August long weekend.. I was amazed that we actually found one. Later that night .. we go to the airport to pick up the rental car. Get to the desk and say “Hello, we are here to pick up a rental.”
She looks at the keys behind her, at the same time I am looking at all the pouches that contain the keys and realize that the name Beck is not written on any of them.
“Sorry, we don’t have a car here for you…”
“Yes, you do”
“No ..sorry. Did you reserve it?”
“Yes we called your 800 number”
“.. so you didn’t call me locally?”
“No .. I didn’t know that there was a local number to call. They told me that you would have a mid-size available. I confirmed it with them and made sure because I called 4 other companies before you”
“Well.. we don’t have any cars.. we are sold out”
“Well that is not my problem.”
While I am saying this and getting more steamed .. she is looking on her computer and sees that my name it there. “ Oh .. you did reserve a car.” And continues to go into this explanation of how the manager is supposed to call the main office when they are out of cars.. yada yada.. I truthfully didn’t give a fuck about the story of who did what or who fucked up .. I just wanted a car.
“Well, what I can do is give you a vehicle that was reserved for a person who was supposed to pick it up earlier today at 2 in the afternoon, but never came. But it is not what you originally wanted.”
“That is alright, what is it” At this point, I am ready to drive the Oscar Meyer weiner vehicle .. I didn’t care
“It is a PT Cruiser, Is that alright?”
“Umm..”, nearly crapping my pants, “I think I can handle that,”
“And we will charge you the same price as the midsize”

So I leave the airport with the PT Cruiser, with all windows and sunroof open blasting German beer drinking music at full volume. Man people were looking weird at me .. It was like I was driving my puppy car again.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003


I appologize for my lack of blogging as of late. I will try to get back into the swing of things. A few things have happened since I last posted. The most important piece of my life has arrived and has turned everything right around.. and I am totally enjoying the ride. Harland Moses Beck has come into our life June 3rd 2003, Click on his name to check out the site and sign your name to the guestbook if you like. There are some pictures up there .. and I am planning on getting more up .. but .... as expected.. things are a little busy.

but if you are bored .. check these sites out... These are some of favorite places as of late.

Homestar Runner

Thugs at Bay

Commodore 64

The 365 Day Project


Friday, May 30, 2003

As I sit here and figure out my bills and financial crap since it was payday .. I suddenly realise that this will most likely be my last paycheck before I am a father.

Kinda freaky. But really exciting at the same time.

Gotta buy me a lotto ticket.

Also coming soon!!! Everyone has there "desert island disc" list .. or top 10, definative, or favorite of the year... I am compiling a different list .. since it is hard to pick faves ... I am going to make a list of albums that "Don't wear thin". This will be my personal list of albums that I can listen to and never have or never will grow tired of. Something that you can hear again, again and again.. and never get sick of it. I will give that list in the future.

Ah .. yet again .. I don't write in here enough .. but I shall.

Strange thing .. I have marked myself as "on vacation" from the radio show for now. I find that as the time goes on closer to the birth date and Leanne gets more tired .. the more I want to be with her every second I can. It will be weird to be away from the show .. but I know Tony and Bill will be good to go.

Love to all.. I shall write again.

Thursday, May 22, 2003


I always thought Clay was gay anyway.... he has to be.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that..." - Seinfeld

Monday, May 05, 2003

So .. Ken's Blog today made me think. I have never actually made a list of my own personal list of essential albums, or movies for that matter. I thought it would be easy .. and maybe it would .. but the more I think about it .. the more I don't think I would be able to make a list like that. ... Maybe some day, I will try to grow some balls and try it to see what I come up with .. but right now it would be too impossible.

I am however listening to the new Radiohead album that does not come out for another month. I love the internet. And I love this album. It will definately be bought when it comes out. I can't wait. From what I hear, the songs that have been out on the internet are not the "true" mixes..... well that is good then. More reason to have these and more reason to buy the album when it comes out. I can't wait. I still don't believe that downloading music is harming the artist. I mean .. people are still buying the CD when it comes out....what about the whole Eminem songs being on the internet before it was release and when it was out .. it was his highest selling album. Yup .. internet is killing sales. It is just bullshit from the major companies as far as I am concerned, and they can all blow it out of their asses. If anything .. especially for independant companies .. it is helping their sales. Anyway .. there I am going off on something that everybody already knows. Just blowing hot air..

The cool thing I think of when i listen to this Radiohead album is that I will most likely be a dad when the album is released. That is so cool.

I took Leanne to the doctor this morning. The plus about going this time and waiting to see the doctor was that Price is Right was on. There is nothing worse then watching a soap opera in a doctor's office. Though I did have to suffer through a bit of The Young and the Breastless.

Signing off

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Enjoy.... Nerve Tonic

Little did I know that my favorite Drink was actually a nerve tonic, stimulant and headache remedy over one hundred years ago.

Pemberton's French Wine Coca..........Mmmmm ... Refreshing

"Interesting Stuff"

So Brass sends me this link today. It's a CIA factbook. Just pull down the menu at the top of the page and pick a country.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Ich sehe, daß jenes Lurch einen Tritt aus erhalten hat, wenn die Engish Übersetzung der deutschen Übersetzung vom Englisch. Mein Englisch ist schlecht genug, während es ist, aber es ist wirklich fucked, wenn Sie es zu Deutsch und Rückseite zu Englisch wieder übersetzen.

Das war der Punkt des Briefs. Ich werde dieses wieder, ach ja machen... nicht zweifelt mich.. dies wird erscheinen öfter.

Ich liebe!!

Ehrlich denke ich nicht, daß ich je genug von dieser Scheiße erhalten werde. Weg zu lustigem Mann.. Weg zu lustig.

Gil's recommended song of the day

Okay.. now truthfully .. this is not really a recommended song of the day because I don't do this everyday and I don't know if I will be ever doing it again, but I heard a song by The Meat Purveyors called tallboy. I thought it was awesome...maybe you will too. You can find the download of the song on this page. Scroll down the page, you find it underneath the information on the album that it is from: "More Songs about Buildings and Cows".

Monday, April 28, 2003

Bad Joke of the Day

What will it take for the Beatles to reunite?

2 Bullets.

Verstehen Sie Deutsch?

Dieses Aufstellen, das Sie werden gelesen jetzt gleich in Deutsch übersetzt worden ist. Sie werden zu, wenn Sie wie nicht wissen, Deutsch zu lesen. Wenn Sie werden gelesen dies auf deutsch jetzt gleich, dann ich appologize für mein armes Deutsch, da ich nicht weiß wie zu sprechen ein einzelnes Wort davon.,. Ich habe gedacht, daß es Spaß machen, einen blog wie das aufzustellen. Und Sie wissen was? Ich hatte recht.

Es ist unheimlich, wie diese freien Übersetzer Dinge wie dies machen kann. Jetzt, wenn ich je irgendein von der E-mail Anschriften meiner Freunde und Familie in Deutschland ich gehabt habe, dieses kann benutzen, wenn sie Englisch nicht gewußt haben, oder auch umgekehrt. Wundere ich mich, obwohl, was die Leute die wahre Übersetzung des Briefs erhalten, es ordentlich ist übersetzt worden? Ich errate in den meisten Fällen, daß dieser Brief ordentlich nicht übersetzt wird.

Ich errate, wenn Sie dies auf englisch jetzt gleich gelesen werden, es vom ursprünglichen deutschen Text ist übersetzt worden. Ich mache höchst wahrscheinlich dieses wieder irgendwann. ..., damit Ihre Augen offen behält, und erinnere mich, an, es in Ihrer gewünschten Sprache zu lesen.

Es ist Spaß Ausgeben zusammen diesmal gemacht und ich hoffe, daß wir erhalten, es wieder irgendwann zu machen.

Come on in, The Doors are open.

Ah .. yes .. everybody wants a piece of the pie... Here is somethin that I stumbled across today

APRIL 24 - -The parents of Jim Morrison yesterday sued two of their son's former Doors bandmates, claiming that the musicians, now touring in a reformed version of the famous group, have "maliciously misappropriated" the name and logo of The Doors and are using Morrison's poetry and photos without permission. In a Los Angeles Superior Court complaint, octogenarians George and Clara Morrison allege that Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger have stolen "these valuable property rights" in a bid to promote and market "a new band that they recently organized with two other individuals that have never been associated with the original Doors band" and which plans on launching "a national and international tour in order to wrongfully enrich themselves." Along with Manzarek and Krieger, the Morrisons have named as a defendant Ian Astbury, The Cult's former lead singer and the man now trying to fill Morrison's leather pants. The lawsuit, a key excerpt from which is below, does not specify damages, but demands that the defendants "disgorge all profits which they have improperly received" from the band's resuscitation. The complaint also seems to take a swipe at the new band's musicianship, noting that the group has "attempted to play songs written and made popular by the original Doors band in a manner which attempts to copy the original distinctive sound of The Doors." The reformed Doors tour has apparently been successful, with the group playing a sold-out show ($70 per ticket) tonight at New York City's Roseland Ballroom (capacity of about 3000). Joining the Morrisons as plaintiffs in the L.A. lawsuit are Columbus and Pearl Courson, the parents of Pamela Courson, Jim Morrison's late common-law wife. The Morrisons and Coursons share a 25 percent ownership stake in the corporations formed to administer the Doors partnerships. The other 25 percent partners are Manzarek, Krieger, and former Doors drummer John Densmore.

No comment .. I think the story itself says it all.

One thing I will say is .. if you get TNN.... watch MOST EXTREME ELIMINATION CHALLENGE It comes on Saturday evenings and repeats on Sunday evenings .. at around 6 or 7 .. something like that .. check your local listings .. but man .. what a great show. It is footage from a Japanese game show called Takeshi's Castle about 10 or 15 years ago, edited and overdubbed in english, but nowhere near the actual translation. There more like improvised "Mad Movies", if you remember that show .. and piss your pants hilarious. I recommend it to everyone.

The original gameshow concept is that there are group of people seperated into 2 teams and compete through different obstacles to conquer the castle. Though I do enjoy the Americanized version of the show but I am left to wonder if there is any seqments that we may be missing that would be enjoyable as well. Nonetheless .. I am a fan of the show.

Move over Iron Chef.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

The best thing to happen for use of the internet. Hate popups like I do? Then the avant browser is for you!!! This makes the internet way more enjoyable!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I never been a big fan of online chat crap .. but I will admit I signed on to game show network today. I like the whammy online game .. very enjoyable and met some other game show junkies as well while playing a little bit of whammy.

I have yet to try the interactive game thing yet though.. I do plan on it sometime if I ever get a chance to see match game again.

Well easter has past and the ham has been eaten. A camera has been purchased and the pictures have been taken. The BBQ has been assembled and the propane tank filled. And the latest Strongbad email is funny as usual.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Man .. I hate sneezing. It really hurts.

Monday, April 14, 2003

It is amazing how certain forms of entertainment can lift up your spirits. Last night, after Leanne got off work, we went straight to Café Ultimate to see a “open mic” show that is hosted every week by Dave Lang, Dave Taylor and Michelle Boudreau. Well let me tell ya. This was my first experience with the show and now I am hooked. This last night’s show offered the talents of Dave and Dave and was looking like nobody else was going to perform, until later on. I started noticing other people coming in and putting there name on the list either to perform a set of music or to do a spoken word piece or whatever they wish. There was a guy who did a spoken word piece of his experience of meeting a girl in a bar, a guitar duo couple who performed some instrumental and lyrical pieces.. and an older guy with his all girl back up band (his wife, daughter?? .. and a friend) doing an “old-time country and fiddle” set … good stuff.

This form of entertainment was so “new” to me that I was literally blown away. I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a form of this elsewhere here in Regina. I have been to “open mic” shows in the past that were more just a blues jam or something hosted by a band, but this was way different. There was not “mold” to fit into of playing the regular blues bar riff jams that get kind of monotonous after a while. And get quite annoying. This show inspired me so much that is makes me want to blow the dust off of my bass and start practicing. I haven’t touched the thing since the last Lungbutter performance on the radio over a year ago.

During the performances … all I said to myself was .. man .. why haven’t I gone to this .. and thinking of all the good and bad performances … but the beautiful thing is that whether they are good or bad .. most likely all performances that are being done in a scenario like this are true, real and heartfelt performances. Someone who believes in themselves enough to show what they got is way more entertaining then some produced band that was pushed by a record company to tour and make money.

Unfortunately Leanne and I left a little early, just before Tyler Banadyga was about to perform because she was getting a tired and wiped out. … damn pregnancy … oh well I want my wife to be as comfortable as she can be.

It is good to see things like this in Regina, and it gives an opportunity for other performers in the dark to play and get a feel for a live performance in front of people if they have never done such a thing before.

So I recommend if you are doing nothing on a Sunday between the hours of 5 and 9 pm and you live in Regina. Check out Café Ultimate and Dave Lang’s hosted show. I think he calls it the “Beaver Lodge” or the Beaver-Tail Lodge.. but I am not sure. There is fun had by all anyway. It does not cost anything to get in to see the entertainment. And if you have a song that you want to perform, poetry, spoken word.. .. or hell if you do magic tricks or juggle .. I think it is a great way to spend an early Sunday evening. Hell knows if I will ever get the balls to do something myself… but it is still a fine place of entertainment.

Performances to me is like food. Would you like to eat a home made meal made with love and care… or set yourself down to a process burger that was made the same like all the others.

The choice is obvious.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

What a Joke

Here is a big waste of money and time. ... ....though ... if what they are saying in the campaign were to become true. I think that would improve the commercial radio stations from the crap that they are playing on them right now.

Here is a letter that I sent in response to Tony's post on Wed April 9th.

I decided halfway through the email to tony that I would make it a blog posting.


The Perogie Czar???

Is there such a place???

There is a quizno's sub right beside the "big ass" Shopper's Drug Mart in the south end. Leanne and I saw it and it looked like a shining beacon... saying... "come here. Taste me". I was wanting to go there since we saw it in Edmonton and Calgary .. but it just never seemed to work out to get there.

We went there on Tuesday before the Welcome wagon baby shower thing that was held at the west harvest inn. We were looking for a place to eat that was close by and there was quizno's... There is an Extreme pita right beside it as well. How Regina can keep up all of these restaurants is beyond me. It is a little pricey.. but fuck it was good. They come in three sizes. Small 5" Regular 8" and Large 12" ... I should of stuck with the 8" .. I was gagging on the extra 4". filling ... very filling.

I have now decided that I am going to put this letter as my blog post .. so I will just keep typing.

Last night I had a weird experience. Leanne has been having insomnia and trouble sleeping for the last while, so she was up at around 3:30 doing stuff. I woke up realizing that she was not in bed and went to check out what she was up to. She was just reading a book. We sat up together for a while and yapped for a while. We put the TV on it was about 4 or so at this time.. and we ending up flipping between 2 shows because I wanted to watch them both. "Real Sex" on Showcase and then "Sesame Street" on PBS. I caught myself struggling to decide whether to watch Teenage Girls in a Webcam Voyeur Dorm room playing twister naked or the drama of Cookie Monster getting blamed for eating cookies that he did not eat.

Thinking about it now, fully awake. I think I still would have watched both channels at the same time.

This past week has had quite the "baby theme" for me.
Monday - took the tour of the hospital for prenatal class
Tuesday - went to the welcome wagon baby shower..didn't win any of the door prizes .. but still got some free stuff. That is always good.
Wednesday - Went to see our fresh new nephew, Brandon James Hubbard. Cute little guy, looks like he could be the brother of his other two brothers.
Tonight - Prenatal Class. I am not sure what tonight's class is going to be focused on .. but it will be a trip none the less.

Tomorrow night will halt my "baby theme". But that is ok .. I had enough babies for now. Though as each day gets closer, I get more excited about our own.

Well I guess I should get to work.
talk to you later, send me that list for CE if you can ... well.. I guess I can just get it from you tomorrow if you don't have the time to type it out


Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Quizno's subs ... thank-you for entering into my life.

Damn You Monty Hall!

Since the time change, "let's make a deal" comes on at an earlier time.

This fucks up my whole schedule.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I wrote this to my friend Hema... I thought I would post it here as well


Get this .. this is funny. I noticed yesterday on the internet that techtronics were having a sale with there 256MB DDR Ram for 39.95... Holy shit I thought .. this is a steal of a deal!! I have never seen it this cheap.. so I thought .. hell I will go get some. Also Brass from work wanted a stick as well so I was going to pick him one up as well.

I get there and I said, " I would like 2 of your 256 DDR Ram that is one sale" .. OK .. he goes and gets some and starts to charge me 49.95 of each stick. I say,"No... that is not the price, they were supposed to be 39.95"

"Do you have a coupon or something, because we don't sell it at that price"

"Bullshit you don't sell it at that price.. Your webpage says 39.95"

"Oh .. the webpage is for Calgary prices."

"What .. it does not say that any where on the webpage. I came here to get the 2 sticks for 40 bucks each and if you don't want to sell them to me for that price.. then I just wont by them"

"... but that is the Calgary price."

"That is not the impression that I got from your webpage. Check the webpage yourself and tell me what you see."

He doesn't bother checking the website .. but he then walks into the office.. and comes back with a page from a newspaper of some sort and proceeds to cut out a coupon. I realize that the coupon that he is cutting out has a picture of the ram and the 39.95 price.

"We only have limited quantities .. and our store is not supposed to sell them at that price."

sells me the sticks. I leave.

I then checked the website later and noticed there WAS a link on the page for saskatchewan prices. The ram was on sale for 49.95.....
I got them for 39.95

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Last Night, one of the classic 80's metal movies was on last night. "Trick Or Treat". It made me wish I still had my soundtrack of the movie by Fastway. Ah goodtimes.

Safeway make some pretty damn fine Sub Sandwiches.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

This has happened to me 2 days in a row now.

I woke up in the morning, and before I went to work, I watched "Let's Make a Deal" with Monty Hall on the Game Show Network

I truly believe that it is my personal secret to a great day. So far, I am batting a hundred.

Ah... Ignorance is Bliss.

Monday, March 10, 2003

My head is pounding and I want to sleep. I haven't been able to really concentrate on anything here at work right now. I decided to write a blog because I am just trying to get my mind off of my pounding head. My headache pretty much started on Friday night. Tony and Renea were over at our place and we rented a movie. Before we started the movie, Renea wanted to Tony to grab her bag of munchies that she picked up at the store. Thinking that there were only chips in the bag, Tony decided to knock the bag up against the side of my head and catch me off guard. Well .. both of us got more than we wanted. There was also a can of diet pepsi in the bag that decided to lunge forth at the back of my head right behind my ear. THUD!!!! I have been a grump with a headache since.

Anyway.. The movie we watched was "Death To Smoochy" starring Robin Williams and Ed Norton. On of those movies where you can't judge a movie by it's reviews. Watch it and make up your own mind. I personally really enjoyed it.

Saturday continued the weekend in with getting some more stuff organized at the apartment and sleep. Taking shape, slowly but surely. Our friend Crystal was in town and Leanne and I went with her and Daelynn to bushwakkers. It was a bonding experience of all of us. I touched Crystal's boob. We all went to The State afterwards. Man.. I really am not part of the club scene, we only went because Crystal was in town and we wanted to hang with her a bit more. What can I say .. it's the state.. the only cool things that are worth mentioning is that I saw Joe Duarte working there. I guess he has been a bouncer there for the past 6 months or so. The other funny thing was that the water pipes there had frozen up and City of Regina shut them down for the evening since the bathrooms were not functional. HaahaaHaaHeeHeeHeeHoHoHoHaHaHa (.. i am the walrus kuku-ke-chew)

Sunday consisted of a fine breakfast at Simply delicious.. which was simply ..delightful. Other than the fact that Crystal, Daelynn and I all looked like we were hungover.. and Leanne was the bright one, which is funny because she has always been looking tired lately because of her pregnancy. Later on in the afternoon, our good friend Mike gave us a hand in picking up a Crib and stoller that was givin' to us from Deb (the head houncho from work). And this crib is awesome!!! Thank-you deb.. I couldn't thank her enough. It is a kick ass crib and very steardy.. it will definately make it's way around to other families after me. Mike also took me to A&B sound to pick up a new CD shelf for the apartment. You can never have enough shelves. We also went to Mike, Cindy and Tylers for a wonderful evening of chat.. I still feel like I got drunk off of the fake beer. Tyler was forcing me to drink. What they teach that kid ... hahahahahaha.

Which pretty much settles up my weekend if you were wondering.. OH SHIT .. I just realized I did not talk about our friday afternoon!! Leanne and I got to see our son/daugher for the first time!! In an ultrasound. I never realized how cool an ultrasound was, It was amazing how much detail that they can get from it. Doing closeups of the heart an all. I loved every min of it. Unfortunately .. our time at the ultrasound was cut short. The lady with the machine took all the pics that she needed .. and then she was going through everything with us ..pointing out different parts and stuff, we even saw the little guy/girl sucking on it tounge.. like it was talking to us and saying hello. So awesome. Not long after that .. the power went off in the whole building for about 40 min or so.. But we hung in there hoping that we could continue our session, and making sure that all the photos that she did take saved properly. Everything saved properly, and we couldn't look some more.. but it was still a cool experience. If Leanne has to get another ultrasound in the future at all .. I am going to let my mom go. She never got to do anything that cool when she was with us .. so I wan't her to see what it was like.

well that's it ... right now the only thing that on my mind ( other than the obvious pain ) .. is me going to bed when I get home.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Well, We moved the weekend of the 22nd, and boy what a party it was. It’s times like that when I realize How lucky we are with the friends that we have. There were 12 (i think) of us that moved everything, it made everything go pretty smoothy, except for just a couple of mishaps ..but hell, shit happens.

Leanne’s brother Jason nearly broke his neck that day… ok well maybe not his neck .. but he could have really seriously fucking injured himself, like his neck or something. I was in the apartment packing and cleaning leftover shit while all the other guys were moving stuff. While I was doing this I saw Jason grab two milk crates of CD’s (each with roughly 125-150 discs stuffed inside) He seemed to handle it no problem.. so I didn’t think much of it and I saw him walk out the door. A few seconds later…BANG!!!! I ran outside wondering what the fuck it was and at the bottom of the first flight of stairs was Jason going … “Your CD’s are alright!! Your CD’s are all right!!!” I then noticed that all the CD’s were still in the crates so I didn’t realize what he was talking about ..then I saw the big puncture in the wall that was shaped like a corner of the milk crate. The carpet on the stairs was loose and wearing out on the edge of three of the steps, his boot got caught and the rest of him still wanted to go on.. so he lost his balance and down he went. I said .. “Fuck the CD’s” are you alright?? He insisted that he was .. but you can tell he was sure stressed about what just happened and was really worried that this was going to affect the outcome of our damage deposit. I tried to tell him not to worry about it for now and I will deal with it .. but he took it upon himself to call the landlord and deal with it at that moment. Later .. the landlord came to look at it and told Jason not to worry about it, it was just an accident and it would be taken care off, assuring him that Leanne and I will not have to pay for it. Jason himself was going to pay for the damages but the landlord was told him not to worry about it at all. I personally think that landlord was doing everything he could to stay away from what could have been a possible lawsuit.

I was amazed how smoothly the move went. I am also amazed at all the people the helped. Even my buddies Hema and Scott came in from out of town to help us move. I couldn’t thank all my friends enough for all the help that they gave me with the move. It was awesome. Hema even helped Leanne and I clean the place after the move .. and also Daelynn.. let me tell ya.. if you need someone to pack shit for ya really fast and at record time? Then Dae is the woman for the job.

Time does go by fast. Now when I think about it, that was almost two weeks ago. And I guess it was two weeks ago since my last blog. Wow. So much, so little. ..I think I will make a T-shirt that says that. “So Much, So Little” .. that is fucking awesome. I’m a fucking genius!!

Here are some things that have happened in the past 2 weeks, since my last blog to take note of.

- Got the computer set up and now using sasktel instead of access for both internet and TV. Pretty sweet.
- Leanne put up blinds and curtains in the bedroom and kitchen, getting off while using her new drill that she got for her birthday. She loves that drill.
- Watched some movies in the past couple of weeks (incl: Fubar, Eight Legged Freaks, Dude where’s my car and Old School)
- Was introduced to “Kenny Roger’s Jackass” and nearly pissed my pants.
- Watched the NEVER BEFORE AIRED pilot episode of “Let’s make a Deal” on the Game Show Network. Fucking best station in the world.
- Experience the joys of having a washing maching, dryer and a REAL fridge in the apartment. Mmmmm…. Freezer space.
- Getting the car stuck in the rut behind Tony’s apartment and calling a Tow Truck to get the little bitch out. I am hoping Tony will blog that one for your reading enjoyment.
- Buying Groceries. Ah.. where we would be without groceries
- Slowly unpacking boxes, getting shit more organized and getting on with our lives

All these and more (believe it or not) have happened. I’m definitely not bored. But one of the hardest things that Leanne and I had to do happened just last night. We decided to give up Finnegan (our Guinea Pig) and gave him to a pet store that just happened to be looking for a male to mate with their female that they had. I miss him already, but what made it a little easier was that he was staying at my mom’s for the past month.

Leanne and I talked about it for the past while and came to the decision that this would be the best for all of us. Both Leanne and I had allergic reactions to the little guy, (well for me, it was more his bedding and hay than him) so our main concern was when our child came, how will her/his reaction be to him. Not to mention that Guinea Pigs are animals that require a fair amount of attention and like to interact. When our baby comes, I feel that we would not give him enough attention at all. Since he is going to be a breeder, he will be getting plenty of loving now. Also add that to the fact that we are not allowed to have pets in the apartment and other things, this would be the best. We will be going by the store once and a while to say hello to him. I hope the best for him.

When we took him to the store last night, I think we made the store girl very uncomfortable. Here we were with tears going down our eyes telling the girl what his likes and dislikes were.. and the look on her face was .. please get the fuck out now .. your freaking me out. .. I don’t blame her though, she was just told by the manager that we were going to come by with a guinea pig, I don’t think she was prepared for a cage, a crapload of stuff for him and being told about his manners. Not to mention we were both near wrecks. Not easy to go though. And that was just a pet!!

It makes me wonder of the emotions that some parents go through when they have to give their child up for adoption.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

I just noticed that Tony recently wrote in his blog. It was good to see somethin’ in there .. he hasn’t written in that thing damn close to a month now. If you haven’t read anything in there.. I damn well suggest that you do.

As for me, I had a 5:18 this morning. At least that is what I am calling it, to help remember the first time I felt my future child kick in mommy’s tummy. It was pretty awesome. I was woke up from Leanne, grabbing my hand and saying “feel this!!”… I put my had on her belly .. not feeling anything and nearly falling back asleep again. Suddenly, her stomach “convulsed” with such a power, it nearly knocked my hand off. It was super-cool. Then I started thinking, I gotta get this kid in Karate or something. Move over Ralph Macchio.

So Leanne and I have been pretty busy with packing and not really getting anywhere. So that’s where we are on that front. I’m not gonna bore you with that shit….

..but I funny thing happened this morning when I was telling Leanne about the dream I had this morning as we where walking down the stairs from the apartment on the way to work. It ended with me saying “…since you were asking me to stick my cock in your mouth.” And there was the landlord. “HEY! Busy moving!?”

… I never did finish telling Leanne the rest of my story.

Monday, February 17, 2003

you know.

INXS' "listen Like Thieves" and "KICK" could be release as a one album 2 record set in my opinion. They work so well together.

just a thought that popped into my head.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Well it has been a while and soooo much has been going on since I last wrote.

Since I last wrote, I lost a fellow DJ and friend from the radio station. In the morning of Monday, January 27, 2003, Kirk “Kaptain Kaos” Walter died in a fatal car accident. During the time of mourning, it also brought me back to thinking of my cousin Dean who also died in a fatal car accident over 10 years ago. It makes me realize how fragile and short life really is. I never take it for granted. I try my best to live my life to the fullest and happiest that I can be.

Kirk was a good guy to us. I personally believe if it weren’t for him, Tony and I wouldn’t have a radio show. One of my most fond memories of Kirk was before Tony and I started “Cranial Explosions”. He let me “take over” the board one evening after we (Lungbutter) played and acoustic set and was interviewed. Being behind that board for the first evening was totally cool and all my dreams of being a “radio DJ” since I was a kid came true for me that evening. It was sooo cool and I will never forget about that evening. Thanks Kirk.

Leanne and I are right now in the process of packing our shit… man do we have a lot of shit. Actually, as soon as I get the time I am going to set up what I am going to do for the next radio show, and get all my CD’s packed away into boxes so I can forget about them. And start packing up parts of the stereo system. We are going to have the keys for the new apartment on the 15th, but we won’t actually be moving the majority of all the stuff until the 22nd. We will start small… like taking all the dirty clothes over there first and washing them since we will have a washer and dryer. Man that is going to be sweet.

What they say is 100% true. The older you get, the faster time seems to slip your fingers.

Like right now .. I have a bunch of work that I have to do and time is slipping my fingers.

I love life.

Saturday, January 18, 2003

To those of you who have been waiting for a blog posting.

Here you go.

I shall return. I am sorry that I have been neglecting my blogs as of late. But here is some new news that is happening in my life. It was Leanne's moms birthday today.. or I guess I should say last night now since this will say that the posting is Saturday early morning. Even though it is still friday night. We were out at the farm .. good times had by all. Even though it was a short visit, the drive was quite amusing and scary at the same time.The wind was blowing quite heavily and quite a bit of snow drifts were covering the streets. One drift was so big that I din't realize it until it was too late and a big poof explosion happened and sonw was everywhere. ... OK that explanation sucked ass but .. take my word for it .. it was superscary cool.

Also, Leanne and I looked at a different apartment today and we are going to give our notice tomorrow for moving on March 1st. The new about the same size .. but the good thing is that it has a washer and a dryer, main level entrance (NO STAIRS!!! YAY!), new carpet and lino... and I think the posibility of a new fridge as well. And a pool too. (..not a big deal .. but it would be nice for summer. Moving does suck .. but the truth is .. we have to do it now so we can settle in before the little one wants to "settle in" Actually the one that we looked at is available for Feb 1st .. but that is just too soon .. and not enough notice for the other place... but the other one is pretty much the same and will be available for March.. so the landlord of the new place (which oddly enough was the original landlord for our current place) said that everything is cool and we can give our notice. There is one thing that does suck about the place though .. The fireplace is located against the kitchen wall where our TV would be.. aargh... I don't know how the fuck we are going to arrange everything to make it fit... Maybe we will cover the fireplace and not use it .. Hmmmmmm.....

don't know if all of this makes much sense.. but I am getting tired .. it is late .. and I still feel a little booze in me and I am too tired to proofread all this crap. When I got home from the farm, Brett came by and we went to Bushwakkers. It was good times. I don't feel like a see enough of brett sometimes .. so it was good for him and I to drink beer together. Beer & Friends. .... which reminds me .. I still have to see Colin's pad. I don'tsee all my friends enough. ... and ... sorry dad .. I will come see you most likely this weekend (...hell knows why I am saying that .. it's not like he can read it.)

Wish you were here Hema.

Friday, January 03, 2003

So .. the new year .. and today is my 30th birthday.

Well .. so far, no big deal. I still feel the same as I did in high school, and I still like college porn. So nope... nothing has really changed. I heard may people, including my mother who have said that the 30th birthday was really depressing and a big turning point in there lives of not feeling young any more.

To me, nothing has changed whatsoever.

I am fairly tired though. Not because of old age.. but just because I stayed up late last night to make most of my last day of being in my twenties.

.... I should have slept. I'm too old for this shit. ... so I am told anyway