Friday, December 20, 2002

Sometimes you just come across great albums now and again that just blow your mind. Wax Mannequin's album "and gun" is one of those such albums. Speaking of which if you are reading this right now and if you happen to be in Regina this Saturday evening (Dec 21) I highly recommend that you go see Wax Mannequin at Cafe Ultimate. But anyway.. back to the album. I would go as far as to say this is my personal favorite album of 2002. Simply put. Pick yourself up a copy, you will be glad you did.

“Pick up a power blaster. You can shoot the lasers, you can be a master like the heroes on TV.”

Speaking of great albums. I heard an incredible album yesterday by a band called
Sadhappy. I never heard of them .. I just noticed the CD “Live – Before we were dead” sitting on my friend Rory’s desk. Now he was sick all week so I thought .. ah what the hell… I will spin it. And I was blown away! Three piece band – Sax, bass and drums. I would describe them as Morphine on speed.

When I came back to work this morning, Rory happened to be in because he was feeling better. I said to him .. Man!! This album was amazing!! Where did you hear about this band. I was thinking maybe he came across them on or something like that but no, the disc wasn’t even his. It was lent to him by another workmate. Sean.

WHAT?!?!? Sean!!! What the hell. This couldn’t be right.

Yup.. Sean. Workmate and drummer of the band, Parlor Trixx. This threw me for a loop because Sean and I never really saw eye to eye in musical tastes. For example: I listen to music, he listens to crap. It’s just that simple.

I guess I shouldn’t be that extreme there are some things that him and I both listen to… but for the most part, it is stuff that I don’t really listen to .. and I know he thinks the same thing for the majority of music that I listen to.

Hallelujah for individuality!!

Anyways as I was saying, I was thrown for a loop because that came from left field. Apparently Sean was buying drum pieces through ebay, and bought some from Even Schiller (the drummer of Sadhappy) himself and sent him this CD as a free copy to let Sean hear what kind of music he played.

I never thought I would say this but … Thank-you Sean. That album is amazing and I am glad you indirectly introduced me to them by accident.

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