Tuesday, December 17, 2002


It is now tuesday. And my shit is solid. I was sick all weekend. Woopee!! That is always fun.

I experienced Ass Juice for the very first time in my life. That was a pretty exciting discovery.

Speaking of Ass Juice... For some reason... over the weekend when I went to the Bloghop website. It took me directly to analwhores.com. What the hell was with that? I hate computer geeks that have nothing better to do with there lives than do break into someones webpage and do shit like that to it. Tony's and mine website is still down because of little fucking geeks like that.

So those of you who from bloghop that know that there usually is a rating system on the page, please be paitient. I will get the rating back up in the next little while .. maybe a day or so .. I am still weary of the whole analwhores thing.

I am not a big fan of anal.

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