Wednesday, December 11, 2002

So since I last wrote on Monday afternoon, I took my wife to the hospital.

She woke up not long after my last post and she kept on throwing up and crapping non stop. She was so out of it that I decided to take her right to the hospital. They put her on an IV as soon as we got there pretty much. To make a long story short they ended up keeping her there over the evening. That night was a killer for me, because here I am at home .. and my wife is in the hospital and she never been in a hospital before.. and at that time .. they never gave us any information on what her blood and urine tests showed. So of course I start thinking of the worst.

I did happen to sleep that evening for about maybe an hour. Had a nightmare of going back to the hospital the next day to go pick her up, only to find that she died.

Dreams like that are kind of a bummer.

She is at home right now.. still sick and most likely in bed right now. The Doctor ordered that she was not supposed to work for the rest of the week .. they assured us that the baby was going to be ok. .. I don't think I will feel 100% about that until the ultrasound happens. Which should be soon I hope. She is going to the doctor tomorrow for an update checkup on how she is feeling now .. and has a prenatal exam on the 16th.. by then hopefully we will have an ultrasound set up.

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