Thursday, December 12, 2002

OK... I was reading my friend Ken's blog site and he was talking about reality shows.

This reminded me of a "reality show" I saw last night called Extreme Makeover.

This show was stupid. 3 "lucky" people were picked out of thousands that applied to get this extreme makeover which included plastic surgery, liposuction, hair styles, clothing, yada yada yada.. The whole nine yards. They go away for 6 weeks or so to have all this done and they have no contact at all with there family and friends the whole time. I don't know who was dumber .. the thousands of people who applied to be on this show? or the millions of viewers (like me) who actually watched it.

There was one scene that I truly enjoyed and if I had it on tape .. I would watch it over and over again and laugh my ass off. When the 3 people had there surgery done, they all met each other in the hotel room and sat there barely being able to talk to one another. One was bed-ridden and the other two, were strolled into his hotel room in wheel chairs. The three of them sat there and had small talk chat.. not only because they didn't really know each other .. but they could barely fucking speak to one another because there faces were all bandaged up and shit .. saying things to each other .. like "you look good" ... LOOK GOOD?!?!? Fuck that !! They all look like beasts! What they should have done was showed some of the true footage like ... "Holy Fuck .. This recovery is fucking painful!! Man I am retarded to get this done!"

What the hell is our world coming to.. Nowadays ... plastic surgery is the way to go I guess. Personally I see no reason for it at all. Unless you were in a accident or something. Then sure I think it is great .. but if it is just because you are not happy with the way you look? .. well let me tell you ... if you can't be happy with who you are now, you never will be.

Now I admit .. I am a fan of Big Brother .. but that is about it.

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