Monday, November 04, 2002

So this past weekend was pretty cool. Friday evening Leanne and I went to a Halloween party of my buddy’s. Actually it was my friend (and cousin) Jackie and his wife Trish that hosted the party. Jackie is also the same guy who serves our website. I feel that I don’t give that guy enough credit. He is one of the kindest guys that you could ever meet and he is always there to lend a helping hand. Actually he is my “computer guy” and is going to set my computer on fire with me sometime this week. If you want to know more about Jackie himself, you can check out his main page at He’s friends call him Brian, but he will always be Jackie to me.

So the party was great. Jackie and Trish really outdid themselves. They supplied all the booze and food. It was crazy! There was even a Karaoke, which didn’t really get underway until late in the evening. Hmmm … wonder why…. OK I admit that I got pretty liquored that night. I thought, well my wife can’t drink, so I will drink for her!
I am happy that I don’t drink that often. I don’t really like myself when I am drunk. I am sure that I annoyed some people at the party. Brass and Becky got their first taste of what a drunk Gilly can accomplish. The first game of pool that Brass and I played that evening was finished in the first shot. Yup .. sunk the 8 ball off the break. I rule!!! Yup .. all skill… you bet. And I think I annoyed Becki a bit because she was wearing a bunny outfit and who kept touching the tail? Yup drunk little ol’ me. Later on in the evening she took the bunny outfit off. She said she took it off because she was hot. I hope that was the true reason….. Because, that would suck if she took it off because I was bothering her. Which I don’t think is the reason. … at least I hope I didn’t bother her that much.

Leanne and I looked great that evening. She made these Renaissance costumes for her and I. She is awesome. If I could support the both of us I would make her stay at home and make clothes for me all the time. Hopefully I will get pictures from the party sometime and I can post them somewhere for all to see. I wore nylons for my costume, and incase that some of you don’t know, boxers don’t really work with nylons, and going commando was wayyy to uncomfortable. So I wore a pair of Leanne’s underwear. I was definitely in touch with my feminine side that evening. I have to wear women’s underwear more often.

There were a lot of great costumes that evening. But my personal favorite (other than ours of course) was Jackie and Trish’s costumes. They dressed up as Shrek and the Princess, (I can’t remember the Princess characters name but you know who I am talking about.). They looked great. With all the work that they put into there costumes and the party they hosted, I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed it. I know Leanne and I did. And there are not enough things that I can say about the evening to give you guys an idea of what it was like.

On the Saturday morning, I felt so bad for Leanne. She had to go to work in the morning for 8:30, we even left the party early so she could get a good night sleep, but with the way she woke up in the morning, you would have thought that she was the one drinking and not me. I feel really bad for her. She is one of the lucky ones out there that got blessed with not only having morning sickness. It is more like day sickness for her. And her morning’s could probably be described better as. Morning Death. ….Or maybe Morning Possession. When she is sick in the morning she sounds like a demon. I shit you not. The rest of the weekend was not really fun for Leanne. All day Saturday and all day Sunday all she did was sleep and lie on the couch. You know how you feel how you get off of a roller coaster? …well that is how she looked the whole weekend. She even was feeling worse because she missed 2 more days at work and she is afraid that she is going to get fired. But I don’t think she has anything to worry about. They all love her where she works and I think they all know what it is like to be pregnant. The majority of them have all had kids themselves. One lady has even had SIX kids and she told me the other day that she was pretty sick for all of them. So I highly doubt that Leanne has anything to worry about. Leanne also started a second job at the library today. I wonder how she is doing, she did seem better this morning.

While Leanne was sick and sleeping all day on Saturday, I used that time to completely clean off all the crap from my computer that I did not need anymore and make a bunch of discs. It was a good bonding time with my computer. … God, how pathetic does that sound?

John came by to drop off the Lungbutter discs and make stickers for the discs themselves. He brought three of them with him, and we stuck the stickers on those 3 when they were finished. While I was downloading some stuff for him, I thought I would put one of the discs on for the hell of it. Within the first 30 or so seconds of the first track it suddenly cut into a one second blurb of what sounded like Martin Tielli and then when back to the song. Confused, we check the other 2 discs that were there and the same problem happened. John was pissed. It was pretty much confirmed that the 20 discs that he printed were fucked. Not sure how this happened but he was now concerned if there were any other “mistakes” like this on his Masterlink. I did not talk to him about it since but he did leave a message on my machine saying that he re-recorded the first track onto the Masterlink and checked everything else out and they seem fine. After this is all done he is going to reformat his drive and make sure that no errors appear. What a strange and messed up thing to happen.

We watched “Donnie Darko” on Saturday night at home. It was a movie that Don lent us and told us to watch. I know he wanted to get it back today, and we had it for a while, so I thought, no time is better than now. I enjoyed it. It was pretty good, nothing what I expected it to be at all. I always find it enjoyable to watch a movie that I have no idea about. For some reason. I was thinking it was going to be one of those “I know what you did last summer” kinds of thiller movies, but I was wayyyy off. I recommend it to any one who wants to watch a good movie.

Sunday was pretty much the same way as Saturday was. Except that this time I was feeling crappy myself. Leanne and I did not really do much at all. It was nice to just spend time to really do nothing and just relax together for once. Watched “Dirty Rotten Scoundels” …not bad, but I remember that movie being funnier when I watched it years ago. I guess ones sense of humor changes after time.

I guess that is all for now. I am sure your eyes are tired from reading this.

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