Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Oh Snap!! I almost forgot.

My friend Daelynn got herself a new car a month or two back, it’s a Blue 2001 Suzuki Swift. Cute little car, there is no way in hell that I could own a car like that but she is also half the size as I am. So anyway, I was talking to her on Saturday and she got into an accident early on the Friday morning. I guess she was just driving through the intersection (she had the green light) and another car was making a left turn through a red. Her car gets hit on the driver’s side and her car is flown into a spin to the other side of the street. When she gets out to see what the hell happened, there was no other car, or anyone in sight. Like the episode of Twilight Zone where that guy was the last human on earth. I guess the car is pretty bunged up. When her mom saw the car she stared crying because she didn’t realize that when Daelynn was telling her about the accident that she was hit on the drivers side. I guess with the way the car looks, it was amazing that Daelynn didn’t get hurt in the car at all. I didn’t see the car at all, but Leanne thinks she saw her car in the south end when she was coming from work. (I’m sure it was the car, how many blue swifts are out there with a smashed up door?) Leanne said, after seeing that car, I can understand why her mom started crying.

Just further proof to my belief that if it is our time to go… then we go. If not, we stay put.

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