Thursday, November 14, 2002

Last weekend, I went to my friend Lincoln’s place. Now he lives in the Bremar Apt. Building near downtown Regina. Now one of the things that suck about that building is that there is no apartment buzzer at the front door and the main door is locked after 6pm. He lives on the top floor of this building. So in order to get in the building you have to call him from the payphone across the street and then he would come down to let you in.

This particular evening Hema was staying over there and I went to go pick him up to watch a hockey game of Lincoln’s. When I got there, I realized that I left my change purse at home for the pay phone. Shit!!! I frantically look around the vehicle and found 3 dimes to use in the phone.

I ran from the car to the payphone (it was fairly chilly this night), tossed the 3 dimes in the machine and dialed the number. I then hear the phone speak say to me “Credit: Twenty Cents, please deposit 5 cents.” Hmmm… I check the change door and there was the dime. Toss it back in…
“Credit: Twenty Cents, please deposit 5 cents.”
Damn… Try it again.
“Credit: Twenty Cents, please deposit 5 cents.”
Aaarrrrrgggh… Again.
“Credit: Twenty Cents, please deposit 5 cents.”

I check the dime, and it was one of those “new” dimes with the different designs on it and also “felt” different then the other dimes. I then try it again.. but this time I was being “tricky” with the crap dime and I sort of edged it to the left of the slot .. so that it would “flick” in there. Oh how crafty!!

“Credit: Twenty Cents, please deposit 5 cents.”


Ok.. This dime is not going to work. So, being outside for about 10 min at this point and getting a little pissed off I go to the building and find a couple of rocks to toss at the window. Well… 4 stories up… and my lack of aiming abilities, this did not work either. I gave up when I just missed the window for the apartment below Lincoln’s.

I went back and double-checked the car. Nope .. nothing but pennies.

*sigh* … so I look around the street ..hoping to find something and also keeping my eye on the window for the chance that Hema might peer out wondering where the hell I am.

I see this shine on the street. I look and like a dime that came from heaven, I picked it up hearing the angels in my head as I hold it and point it to the sky. AWWWWWWWWWWWW

Thank God. I say to myself. Get back to the phone and with the 2 working dimes I deposit this other dime that I found on the ground. I plug them in, and dial the number.

“Credit: Twenty Cents, please deposit 5 cents.”

My fist came down on the phone with a thunderous crash and almost being ready to rip the phone out of the booth itself, I suddenly hear CLINK,KLANK *BEEP* .. and then is dialed the number.

Hema answers the phone, and before he could say anything I yell, “Get yer ass down here and let me in before I garbage this phone!!!”

After I was let in and I ranted, we went to the game and I hung out with the gang for the rest of the night.

When I got home that evening, I realized that my change purse was in the jacket pocket I was wearing.

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