Friday, November 01, 2002

Alright, Alright, Alright.

I have finally thought it was about time to write something in this blog. I feel sorry for letting a lot of you down out there who enjoys to read these things everyday. My life had a lot of things going on the last few weeks since we have last blogged. There is far to many things that has been going on to mention, but there is one big change in my life that has happened and it will only change my life more in the months to come.

My wife is pregnant.

Yup, and those of you who did not know yet... well now you do.

It is quite exciting and the reality of it has not sunk in yet. Probably still will not have sunk in till I maybe see my child's first school Christmas recital or somethin like that.

There has been a lot of other things that has happened since I last blogged like movies, parties, and strip poker. But my wife being pregnant and me being a daddy is definitely the most exciting thing.

Last week we went to the first ultrasound. Leanne and I went to the office and I was all excited in being able to see an ultrasound. To me it was one of those things I would see on TV on the Life Network on TLC in one of those baby story shows but this time it was the real thing!! So.. we get there and we were told to wait and they will call us. They call "Leanne Beck??" and we both get up to walk towards the room. Just after I get up, some nurse stops me and says, "We will call you in once we are ready". My heart stopped and all my excitement was stomped on for that moment. "OK" I said, and sat back down. There I sat and waited for them to call me. It seemed like an eternity. The one thing I did notice is how Parenting and Child/Baby health magazines suddenly become interesting material to read.

While reading my magazine, I always would look up when someone would come into the waiting area or pass the waiting area hoping that it would be the nurse to get me and let me be with my wife. Unfortunately, that never happened. Fucking bitch nurse.

Leanne came out of the office with kind of a relaxed glowing smile on her face. She did see the "little flashing speck" inside the little we circle, which was our baby. Though I did not see it myself, I was happy that she did because I can tell it gave her a sense of comfort.

Next time I am not going to listen to the dumbass nurses and be a little bit more forceful myself. I have all the right to be in there myself!

So … once again, I apologize to my fellow blog readers that I have taken so long in writing in my blog and I will make sure that I never do it again. Even if it is just a single sentence, there will be an entry every day from now on. Except If there was a day where I wasn’t by a computer or somthin’ like that.

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