Monday, September 23, 2002

Weekends go by way to fast. This last weekend went by so fast that when I sit at my computer at work and think about it, it doesn’t even feel like I left my desk. It was super active though; I have nothing to complain about except for the fact that it is over. Which I guess is the way everybody else is thinking at this moment as well.

Talked to my buddy Hema for a couple of hours yesterday. It was good to “shoot the shit” with him. It’s times like that where I realize how much I miss the guy. I have nothing but respect for him. He’s gotta lotta balls. He moved to Brandon to go to school and be with his girlfriend at the time who lived out there. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out between them and now he is out there scraping cash together by himself and finishing his school. If I was in his shoes, I would have just said fuck it and went back home to Regina and finish school here. But that’s my Hema, a proud stubborn man. I love him.

Speaking of talking, Tony came over last night and we had the intension of watching a movie, but all we did (him, my wife and I) was “Shoot The Shit”. Which was great!! .. But from what I read from Tony’s blog, it looks like there was not enough shit shot for him. He plugged his toilet. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

But back to talking… Whatever happened to the days when people would just get together at ones house to talk? When I was younger my parents had friends come over all the time for coffee or playing cards. Every Wed night was Canasta night with their friends and they would trade evenings of who would host the card night. Nowadays it seems like you actually have to go out somewhere to do anything. It would be nice if my friends just came over had coffee and talked. Why go out to Bushwakkers to talk? Maybe the trick is to have beer in my fridge.

All my point is that we all pay rent or mortgage payments for our living quarters. It’s time that we start using our places for more than just a place to sleep. But nooo… it almost seems that our society is lead to believe that you can’t have fun at home. I have had friends over at our place. But the majority of the time it seems that it is just to watch movies. …. But don’t get me wrong. I like movies.

Thinking of that makes me remember another thing that Hema had a knack of being successful at. “Coffee Talk” We haven’t had one since he moved out to Brandon. It all started in the days when Hema and I lived together in an apartment for the summer of ’92 (or was it ’93?) and I would go to church on Sunday mornings. During that time Hema and our neighbor and friend, Rod, would get together have coffee and talk. After a couple of years, Coffee Talk grew into a morning of friendship and bonding. There were times where there would be 8 or more people over at Hema’s small little apartment in the Cathedral area drinking coffee, chatting and sometimes even playing games. How I miss those days.

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