Thursday, September 19, 2002

Watched Return Of The Living Dead last night. Great movie. The highlight of it was not even in the movie though. It was watching Tony flip his feet up in the air and hearing the loud cracking sound of him bashing his head into the metal frame of the bottom of the patio door.

Good Times.

But that is not what was really on my mind. What is really on my mind right now is the fact that until today I thought Beavers ate fish. It came up in conversation in the last cranial explosions show.. I thought this whole time that they did ..but to my horror I read this in my searchings!

"Beaver eat twigs, leaves and buds, or gnaw at soft inner bark."

I was shocked and horrified. All throughout my childhood and into adult-life, I have pictured beavers frying their fish over open flame, and stashing away mounds of fish-jerky away in there dams for the winter season. Now I am really happy that I am not a beaver. I couldn't eat trees!! ..that would suck!

... I am not a big fan of fish anyway.

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