Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I couldn't help it .. I had to post this email that I got from Hema.

Ah Gil...and your blog.

I appreciate the kind words pal. I got all misty. Tomorrow I'll especially miss you guys because for maybe only the second time since I've been here in Brandon, a show will be here and I'll have to go alone. Carolyn Mark will be stopping in and playing at the only place in Brandon I remotely enjoy drinking beer in, the Double Decker.

Speaking of watering holes, I've now come to the meat of my email. You've missed the point about Bushwakkers. When you talk about Coffee Talk, shootin' the shit, and the way your parents used to have friends over, there is a common theme that you've strangely not attributed to the 'shwakk. In all those situations, everyone felt comfortable, relaxed and among friends. I tried to make my apartment that way. And don't forget, during high school, Mamma Beck's was our "Coffee Talk" place. That's been people felt comfortable. To suggest that Bushwakker's appeal is based solely on the beer is almost sacrilegious and backwards. We go for the beer and stay for the atmosphere. We hang at the 'shwakk because it's comfortable. The wood and earthy tones relax people. That's why they always turn down the lights..."relax, re-lax..." The beer is an added bonus. As a side note, you have to look at the customers at the 'shwakk. Ever look around at who goes there? There are a lot of "alternative" people there. Little groups "like" us, who enjoy "shootin' the shit" In fact, we're usually the worst of the bunch. You rarely see many loud drunks in the 'shwakk. Except for us.

Nothing against your apartment, but the 'shwakk holds everybody comfortably. Mamma Beck's was the same way. I remember sitting around your kitchen table all the time. That's a cherished memory for me. You can't really sit around the kitchen of your apartment and play cards. You can sit around your living room though. And shoot the shit. And you do.

The biggest problem right now: Where do you go? You, John, Lincoln, Merv, Brett, Colin, Tony...all live in an apartment. Where can we "all" go hang comfortably? Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

Thank-you for your letter Hema, you bring up good points. Truth is I guess I miss those days all-together. Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against being at Bushwakkers' at all (except maybe their food lately) and I love being there. All I was really doing was reminiscing about the old days I guess. I am just pointing out that it is nice to be at friend’s places (not just my own). It sort of has a certain comfort to it as well. It seems to be fading away. Though I am thankful that we have a place like Bushwakkers as our second home.

Move over Cheers.
(hmmm... I was going to put a link to Bushwakkers here .. but the site has seemed to have dissappeared)

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