Thursday, September 19, 2002

I am currently listening to "The Strokes - Is This It" album right now. I really enjoy the album. But whoever came up with the bright idea for the CD packaging should be shot in the head. The cover is nice .. but that's about it. The CD booklet is a 10 page fold out of "big head" pictures of the band members and 3 other "important" people. Truth is, they are not the most flattering looking guys in the world.
Opening this CD booklet was just as disappointing as the days when CD's first came out and the booklet were white pages. I would have rather had them do that. They could have saved themselves a couple of bucks in printing costs.

This cover would have been perfect for the good ol' 8-Track.

I guess they lived up to the title of the CD .. because when I looked at the booklet I said. "Is this it?"

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