Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I couldn't help it .. I had to post this email that I got from Hema.

Ah Gil...and your blog.

I appreciate the kind words pal. I got all misty. Tomorrow I'll especially miss you guys because for maybe only the second time since I've been here in Brandon, a show will be here and I'll have to go alone. Carolyn Mark will be stopping in and playing at the only place in Brandon I remotely enjoy drinking beer in, the Double Decker.

Speaking of watering holes, I've now come to the meat of my email. You've missed the point about Bushwakkers. When you talk about Coffee Talk, shootin' the shit, and the way your parents used to have friends over, there is a common theme that you've strangely not attributed to the 'shwakk. In all those situations, everyone felt comfortable, relaxed and among friends. I tried to make my apartment that way. And don't forget, during high school, Mamma Beck's was our "Coffee Talk" place. That's been people felt comfortable. To suggest that Bushwakker's appeal is based solely on the beer is almost sacrilegious and backwards. We go for the beer and stay for the atmosphere. We hang at the 'shwakk because it's comfortable. The wood and earthy tones relax people. That's why they always turn down the lights..."relax, re-lax..." The beer is an added bonus. As a side note, you have to look at the customers at the 'shwakk. Ever look around at who goes there? There are a lot of "alternative" people there. Little groups "like" us, who enjoy "shootin' the shit" In fact, we're usually the worst of the bunch. You rarely see many loud drunks in the 'shwakk. Except for us.

Nothing against your apartment, but the 'shwakk holds everybody comfortably. Mamma Beck's was the same way. I remember sitting around your kitchen table all the time. That's a cherished memory for me. You can't really sit around the kitchen of your apartment and play cards. You can sit around your living room though. And shoot the shit. And you do.

The biggest problem right now: Where do you go? You, John, Lincoln, Merv, Brett, Colin, Tony...all live in an apartment. Where can we "all" go hang comfortably? Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

Thank-you for your letter Hema, you bring up good points. Truth is I guess I miss those days all-together. Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against being at Bushwakkers' at all (except maybe their food lately) and I love being there. All I was really doing was reminiscing about the old days I guess. I am just pointing out that it is nice to be at friend’s places (not just my own). It sort of has a certain comfort to it as well. It seems to be fading away. Though I am thankful that we have a place like Bushwakkers as our second home.

Move over Cheers.
(hmmm... I was going to put a link to Bushwakkers here .. but the site has seemed to have dissappeared)

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Spiders are pretty cool. But I saw the coolest spider just now. There was a spider "hovering" above my desk. You could not see his web at all, but he was climbing up it. I waved my hand about a foot and a half above the spider's flight and the web attached to my hand. I then walked around toward Steve to show him the spider. I found out that he is not a big fan of them, so I started to swing the little guy towards him. Steve just happened to be collecting garbage around the office at the time and it fell into his garbage bag.

I’ve never seen a guy do wrestling moves to a garbage bag till today. There's a first time for everything.

Monday, September 23, 2002

Weekends go by way to fast. This last weekend went by so fast that when I sit at my computer at work and think about it, it doesn’t even feel like I left my desk. It was super active though; I have nothing to complain about except for the fact that it is over. Which I guess is the way everybody else is thinking at this moment as well.

Talked to my buddy Hema for a couple of hours yesterday. It was good to “shoot the shit” with him. It’s times like that where I realize how much I miss the guy. I have nothing but respect for him. He’s gotta lotta balls. He moved to Brandon to go to school and be with his girlfriend at the time who lived out there. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out between them and now he is out there scraping cash together by himself and finishing his school. If I was in his shoes, I would have just said fuck it and went back home to Regina and finish school here. But that’s my Hema, a proud stubborn man. I love him.

Speaking of talking, Tony came over last night and we had the intension of watching a movie, but all we did (him, my wife and I) was “Shoot The Shit”. Which was great!! .. But from what I read from Tony’s blog, it looks like there was not enough shit shot for him. He plugged his toilet. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

But back to talking… Whatever happened to the days when people would just get together at ones house to talk? When I was younger my parents had friends come over all the time for coffee or playing cards. Every Wed night was Canasta night with their friends and they would trade evenings of who would host the card night. Nowadays it seems like you actually have to go out somewhere to do anything. It would be nice if my friends just came over had coffee and talked. Why go out to Bushwakkers to talk? Maybe the trick is to have beer in my fridge.

All my point is that we all pay rent or mortgage payments for our living quarters. It’s time that we start using our places for more than just a place to sleep. But nooo… it almost seems that our society is lead to believe that you can’t have fun at home. I have had friends over at our place. But the majority of the time it seems that it is just to watch movies. …. But don’t get me wrong. I like movies.

Thinking of that makes me remember another thing that Hema had a knack of being successful at. “Coffee Talk” We haven’t had one since he moved out to Brandon. It all started in the days when Hema and I lived together in an apartment for the summer of ’92 (or was it ’93?) and I would go to church on Sunday mornings. During that time Hema and our neighbor and friend, Rod, would get together have coffee and talk. After a couple of years, Coffee Talk grew into a morning of friendship and bonding. There were times where there would be 8 or more people over at Hema’s small little apartment in the Cathedral area drinking coffee, chatting and sometimes even playing games. How I miss those days.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Just got home and am very tired. Very very full day. I will give quick point form on what happened .. and possibly continue in more discription later.
1. McDonald's Breakfast & craft/fabric sale
2. Farm
3. Walmart
4. Movie (Minority Report) - I will definately bring up my opinion on this.
5. Bushwakkers - Met Colin's girlfriend Katrina.... supercool (...I hope I got her name right .. I suck at remembering names)
6. ...and right now .. blogger.. but too bloggy to write...

.... and just read buddy tony's blog for today.

What the hell is it with doctors and the "Paxil Solution"?? ...Fucking dipshits.

really tired ... must sleep now ... .

Friday, September 20, 2002

I was looking up information on the DVD release of Monsters Inc. It looks like that the DVD that is out is the only version that will be. (At least for a while) The cool thing that happened to me while I was on the Monsters Inc. site was that I recieved an official employee card as an "Elite Scarer" on Scare Floor B. Can it get any more exciting that that? I was also checking out Pixar's web site. They are now showing the short films on the site. How cool can you get?
Nowadays, you have to make sure that when you buy a DVD that they are not going to screw you over in the future. There is nothing that I hate more than when you purchase a DVD and then some other fancy ass version of the DVD comes out. I am sure that there where some people out there who purchased The Lord Of The Rings DVD, only to find out that all the special features of the disc were just commercials to buy the "super sized with extra butter" edition in November.

My wife and I were at my brothers last night to help him with a virus on his computer. Being the nice guy that I am, I thought I would bring a dozen donuts over. I thought it would be a nice thing to do. But... at the end of the evening, for some reason my sister-in-law was forcing us to take the rest of the donuts back with us.
They were a gift. She accepted the gift.. then she wanted me to take the rest home. Leanne and I refused. You don't take a gift back after you have already accepted it!! But she was forceful. The only way we were able to leave the donuts with her was to leave them on the kitchen table without her noticing when we left.

I am thinking maybe for Christmas, I will by her something that I want. That way, I'll get it back at the end of the evening and we both will be happy.

That's ok. Bonnie (my sister-in-law) is strange anyway. I love her, but you have to worry about somebody who keeps canned vegetables in her refrigerator.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

I am currently listening to "The Strokes - Is This It" album right now. I really enjoy the album. But whoever came up with the bright idea for the CD packaging should be shot in the head. The cover is nice .. but that's about it. The CD booklet is a 10 page fold out of "big head" pictures of the band members and 3 other "important" people. Truth is, they are not the most flattering looking guys in the world.
Opening this CD booklet was just as disappointing as the days when CD's first came out and the booklet were white pages. I would have rather had them do that. They could have saved themselves a couple of bucks in printing costs.

This cover would have been perfect for the good ol' 8-Track.

I guess they lived up to the title of the CD .. because when I looked at the booklet I said. "Is this it?"

Watched Return Of The Living Dead last night. Great movie. The highlight of it was not even in the movie though. It was watching Tony flip his feet up in the air and hearing the loud cracking sound of him bashing his head into the metal frame of the bottom of the patio door.

Good Times.

But that is not what was really on my mind. What is really on my mind right now is the fact that until today I thought Beavers ate fish. It came up in conversation in the last cranial explosions show.. I thought this whole time that they did ..but to my horror I read this in my searchings!

"Beaver eat twigs, leaves and buds, or gnaw at soft inner bark."

I was shocked and horrified. All throughout my childhood and into adult-life, I have pictured beavers frying their fish over open flame, and stashing away mounds of fish-jerky away in there dams for the winter season. Now I am really happy that I am not a beaver. I couldn't eat trees!! ..that would suck!

... I am not a big fan of fish anyway.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

It has to start sometime. And that sometime is now. If you are reading this, then you also must be wondering why you are reading this. Well the answer is simple my friend!


Yes .. deep it is. Well I hope that you keep in touch in the future. For the future is bright .. I gotta wear shades.