Monday, December 23, 2002

First and Foremost before I say anything else, I would like you to share a moment of silence with me.

Joe Strummer (1952 - 2002), May you lie at rest and never be forgotten.

Why is it always that the good that die too young???

Well the last weekend before Christmas is over. Today is my last day of work until next week, 6 glorious days off in a row. Yaaaayyyyyy!!! Christmas here I come.

To tell you the truth, My christmas holidays have officially started this past weekend. Today I can't really count. Even though we had quite a shitload of calls today. Went and saw Wax Mannequin last Saturday night. And there is really nothing that I can say about the show except that is left me speechless as usual. You can read Tony’s blog from today for more information about the show.

Leanne and I were with my father and his girlfriend for the majority of the day yesterday. We took them out for dinner and went to the Festival of Lights. I won’t really get into it and bore you but I will say this… My father takes a lot of energy from me, well I guess it is not my father as much as the relationship with his girlfriend that he has. He is a stubborn German man, which is bad enough in and of itself, but when you mix that with a stubborn German girlfriend… well then you are askin’ for more than just a box of cookies.

Leanne said it best when we dropped them off,
“..well, I’m good till next year!”

Friday, December 20, 2002

Sometimes you just come across great albums now and again that just blow your mind. Wax Mannequin's album "and gun" is one of those such albums. Speaking of which if you are reading this right now and if you happen to be in Regina this Saturday evening (Dec 21) I highly recommend that you go see Wax Mannequin at Cafe Ultimate. But anyway.. back to the album. I would go as far as to say this is my personal favorite album of 2002. Simply put. Pick yourself up a copy, you will be glad you did.

“Pick up a power blaster. You can shoot the lasers, you can be a master like the heroes on TV.”

Speaking of great albums. I heard an incredible album yesterday by a band called
Sadhappy. I never heard of them .. I just noticed the CD “Live – Before we were dead” sitting on my friend Rory’s desk. Now he was sick all week so I thought .. ah what the hell… I will spin it. And I was blown away! Three piece band – Sax, bass and drums. I would describe them as Morphine on speed.

When I came back to work this morning, Rory happened to be in because he was feeling better. I said to him .. Man!! This album was amazing!! Where did you hear about this band. I was thinking maybe he came across them on or something like that but no, the disc wasn’t even his. It was lent to him by another workmate. Sean.

WHAT?!?!? Sean!!! What the hell. This couldn’t be right.

Yup.. Sean. Workmate and drummer of the band, Parlor Trixx. This threw me for a loop because Sean and I never really saw eye to eye in musical tastes. For example: I listen to music, he listens to crap. It’s just that simple.

I guess I shouldn’t be that extreme there are some things that him and I both listen to… but for the most part, it is stuff that I don’t really listen to .. and I know he thinks the same thing for the majority of music that I listen to.

Hallelujah for individuality!!

Anyways as I was saying, I was thrown for a loop because that came from left field. Apparently Sean was buying drum pieces through ebay, and bought some from Even Schiller (the drummer of Sadhappy) himself and sent him this CD as a free copy to let Sean hear what kind of music he played.

I never thought I would say this but … Thank-you Sean. That album is amazing and I am glad you indirectly introduced me to them by accident.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Jay saw Peter Gabriel live.

Fucking prick.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

I caught myself at the Oprah website today. Why? I just recently found out that Michael Moore was on there about a month ago talking about his movie "Bowling For Columbine". (Which, by the way, is a MUST SEE movie) I wish I saw that episode of Oprah. I never did...But he cool thing was I was able to watch the web archive of what happened after the show. There was even a second page on it as well. Actually .. the more I look into it .. the more I think Oprah had 2 seperate shows for michael moore promoting his show.

Granted I am not a huge fan of Oprah. But I think it is pretty cool when she has things like this on her show, because she is reaching a bunch of people out there who most likely would have never even heard of Michael's latest movie and I am sure that this has helped ticket sales without a doubt.

I just finished watching the first season of Michael Moore's show "The Awful Truth" And I am going to watch the the second season this week sometime as well. The library had both of the seasons on video. These shows are so great ... I just wish I saw them earlier. These DVD's are going to be placed in my "must purchase" list for the future.

I think I am turning into a Michael Moore junkie.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

"Swearing is the crutch of an inarticulate motherfucker."

That was originally going to be the quote for tonights show ... but for obvious reasons, I am not going to say it.

Well I just got a call. The muffler (or should I say the pipe before the muffler is fixed and .. the tires are replaced in the front and the wheel alignment is done. Over 300 dollars later. I can drive the car again. .. oh yeah .. I never wrote about that ... the exhaust pipe before the muffler rusted out, gave way and fell off somewhere in good ol regina.

Hopefully someone with a BMW ran over the pipe and fucked his tires. That would be nice.


It is now tuesday. And my shit is solid. I was sick all weekend. Woopee!! That is always fun.

I experienced Ass Juice for the very first time in my life. That was a pretty exciting discovery.

Speaking of Ass Juice... For some reason... over the weekend when I went to the Bloghop website. It took me directly to What the hell was with that? I hate computer geeks that have nothing better to do with there lives than do break into someones webpage and do shit like that to it. Tony's and mine website is still down because of little fucking geeks like that.

So those of you who from bloghop that know that there usually is a rating system on the page, please be paitient. I will get the rating back up in the next little while .. maybe a day or so .. I am still weary of the whole analwhores thing.

I am not a big fan of anal.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

OK... I was reading my friend Ken's blog site and he was talking about reality shows.

This reminded me of a "reality show" I saw last night called Extreme Makeover.

This show was stupid. 3 "lucky" people were picked out of thousands that applied to get this extreme makeover which included plastic surgery, liposuction, hair styles, clothing, yada yada yada.. The whole nine yards. They go away for 6 weeks or so to have all this done and they have no contact at all with there family and friends the whole time. I don't know who was dumber .. the thousands of people who applied to be on this show? or the millions of viewers (like me) who actually watched it.

There was one scene that I truly enjoyed and if I had it on tape .. I would watch it over and over again and laugh my ass off. When the 3 people had there surgery done, they all met each other in the hotel room and sat there barely being able to talk to one another. One was bed-ridden and the other two, were strolled into his hotel room in wheel chairs. The three of them sat there and had small talk chat.. not only because they didn't really know each other .. but they could barely fucking speak to one another because there faces were all bandaged up and shit .. saying things to each other .. like "you look good" ... LOOK GOOD?!?!? Fuck that !! They all look like beasts! What they should have done was showed some of the true footage like ... "Holy Fuck .. This recovery is fucking painful!! Man I am retarded to get this done!"

What the hell is our world coming to.. Nowadays ... plastic surgery is the way to go I guess. Personally I see no reason for it at all. Unless you were in a accident or something. Then sure I think it is great .. but if it is just because you are not happy with the way you look? .. well let me tell you ... if you can't be happy with who you are now, you never will be.

Now I admit .. I am a fan of Big Brother .. but that is about it.



I just found ot that theNEWDEAL put out a new CD a couple of weeks ago!!

it is a double live album from New York

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

OK .. I was just talking about how things change in a short period of time. Here is another example.

In the past 19 hours.. Yo Yo Ma was an American, then Canadian..then American.. ..then Canadian.

Now currently.. He's American.

So Tony quit and rejoined the radio show in less then a week, even before his "final show" on New Years Eve.

It just reconfirms to me .. how much things can change in a small period of time.. just like Leanne being in the hospital a couple of days ago and people like her mother saying .. "she was in the hospital??"

I once went out with a girl for 5 minutes.

So since I last wrote on Monday afternoon, I took my wife to the hospital.

She woke up not long after my last post and she kept on throwing up and crapping non stop. She was so out of it that I decided to take her right to the hospital. They put her on an IV as soon as we got there pretty much. To make a long story short they ended up keeping her there over the evening. That night was a killer for me, because here I am at home .. and my wife is in the hospital and she never been in a hospital before.. and at that time .. they never gave us any information on what her blood and urine tests showed. So of course I start thinking of the worst.

I did happen to sleep that evening for about maybe an hour. Had a nightmare of going back to the hospital the next day to go pick her up, only to find that she died.

Dreams like that are kind of a bummer.

She is at home right now.. still sick and most likely in bed right now. The Doctor ordered that she was not supposed to work for the rest of the week .. they assured us that the baby was going to be ok. .. I don't think I will feel 100% about that until the ultrasound happens. Which should be soon I hope. She is going to the doctor tomorrow for an update checkup on how she is feeling now .. and has a prenatal exam on the 16th.. by then hopefully we will have an ultrasound set up.

Monday, December 09, 2002

It is Monday afternoon and I just woke up a little while ago from a late evening of "fun".

My wife was up all night till about 7 this morning, with... what I think was "food poisoning" from a christmas party she was at last night. I was also thinking that she could of got that flu bug that has been going around but .. her stomach was in constant pain. Now .. the pain has gone away.. but only after "relieving" herself over the 9 hours before she finally fell asleep.

I want her take her to the hospital .. but I am not going to go now because she finally seems so peaceful now that she is sleeping that I don't want to disturb her. I will she how she feels after she is rested.

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Man .. it is amazing how much time goes by when one is busy.

As some of you may have noticed. You are not able to get to the cranial explosions website...(so .. which would also most likely mean that you are not able to read this right now... unless you went straight to the blog posting)

it is under maintence right now. The server got attacked from some dumbass computer geek, and he was corrupting files on the server and other computers who are connected to that server just because he can.

That fucker should be shot and pissed on.

Hopefully the website will be up in the next little while. Unfortunately .. it is something that I can't control.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Flush The Trumpet

Mmmm ... I like Chicken Wings.

After the show last night, Lincoln, Daelynn and I went to The Last Straw for Beer and wings. Leanne met us there.

Good Times.

I know, I know.. you are saying to yourselves right now. Gil! you haven't blogged in over a week! And All you say is that you like Chicken Wings!! What the hell is the matter with you.

...well all I can say is. Sometimes is just like that.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Last weekend, I went to my friend Lincoln’s place. Now he lives in the Bremar Apt. Building near downtown Regina. Now one of the things that suck about that building is that there is no apartment buzzer at the front door and the main door is locked after 6pm. He lives on the top floor of this building. So in order to get in the building you have to call him from the payphone across the street and then he would come down to let you in.

This particular evening Hema was staying over there and I went to go pick him up to watch a hockey game of Lincoln’s. When I got there, I realized that I left my change purse at home for the pay phone. Shit!!! I frantically look around the vehicle and found 3 dimes to use in the phone.

I ran from the car to the payphone (it was fairly chilly this night), tossed the 3 dimes in the machine and dialed the number. I then hear the phone speak say to me “Credit: Twenty Cents, please deposit 5 cents.” Hmmm… I check the change door and there was the dime. Toss it back in…
“Credit: Twenty Cents, please deposit 5 cents.”
Damn… Try it again.
“Credit: Twenty Cents, please deposit 5 cents.”
Aaarrrrrgggh… Again.
“Credit: Twenty Cents, please deposit 5 cents.”

I check the dime, and it was one of those “new” dimes with the different designs on it and also “felt” different then the other dimes. I then try it again.. but this time I was being “tricky” with the crap dime and I sort of edged it to the left of the slot .. so that it would “flick” in there. Oh how crafty!!

“Credit: Twenty Cents, please deposit 5 cents.”


Ok.. This dime is not going to work. So, being outside for about 10 min at this point and getting a little pissed off I go to the building and find a couple of rocks to toss at the window. Well… 4 stories up… and my lack of aiming abilities, this did not work either. I gave up when I just missed the window for the apartment below Lincoln’s.

I went back and double-checked the car. Nope .. nothing but pennies.

*sigh* … so I look around the street ..hoping to find something and also keeping my eye on the window for the chance that Hema might peer out wondering where the hell I am.

I see this shine on the street. I look and like a dime that came from heaven, I picked it up hearing the angels in my head as I hold it and point it to the sky. AWWWWWWWWWWWW

Thank God. I say to myself. Get back to the phone and with the 2 working dimes I deposit this other dime that I found on the ground. I plug them in, and dial the number.

“Credit: Twenty Cents, please deposit 5 cents.”

My fist came down on the phone with a thunderous crash and almost being ready to rip the phone out of the booth itself, I suddenly hear CLINK,KLANK *BEEP* .. and then is dialed the number.

Hema answers the phone, and before he could say anything I yell, “Get yer ass down here and let me in before I garbage this phone!!!”

After I was let in and I ranted, we went to the game and I hung out with the gang for the rest of the night.

When I got home that evening, I realized that my change purse was in the jacket pocket I was wearing.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Oh Snap!! I almost forgot.

My friend Daelynn got herself a new car a month or two back, it’s a Blue 2001 Suzuki Swift. Cute little car, there is no way in hell that I could own a car like that but she is also half the size as I am. So anyway, I was talking to her on Saturday and she got into an accident early on the Friday morning. I guess she was just driving through the intersection (she had the green light) and another car was making a left turn through a red. Her car gets hit on the driver’s side and her car is flown into a spin to the other side of the street. When she gets out to see what the hell happened, there was no other car, or anyone in sight. Like the episode of Twilight Zone where that guy was the last human on earth. I guess the car is pretty bunged up. When her mom saw the car she stared crying because she didn’t realize that when Daelynn was telling her about the accident that she was hit on the drivers side. I guess with the way the car looks, it was amazing that Daelynn didn’t get hurt in the car at all. I didn’t see the car at all, but Leanne thinks she saw her car in the south end when she was coming from work. (I’m sure it was the car, how many blue swifts are out there with a smashed up door?) Leanne said, after seeing that car, I can understand why her mom started crying.

Just further proof to my belief that if it is our time to go… then we go. If not, we stay put.

Monday, November 04, 2002

So this past weekend was pretty cool. Friday evening Leanne and I went to a Halloween party of my buddy’s. Actually it was my friend (and cousin) Jackie and his wife Trish that hosted the party. Jackie is also the same guy who serves our website. I feel that I don’t give that guy enough credit. He is one of the kindest guys that you could ever meet and he is always there to lend a helping hand. Actually he is my “computer guy” and is going to set my computer on fire with me sometime this week. If you want to know more about Jackie himself, you can check out his main page at He’s friends call him Brian, but he will always be Jackie to me.

So the party was great. Jackie and Trish really outdid themselves. They supplied all the booze and food. It was crazy! There was even a Karaoke, which didn’t really get underway until late in the evening. Hmmm … wonder why…. OK I admit that I got pretty liquored that night. I thought, well my wife can’t drink, so I will drink for her!
I am happy that I don’t drink that often. I don’t really like myself when I am drunk. I am sure that I annoyed some people at the party. Brass and Becky got their first taste of what a drunk Gilly can accomplish. The first game of pool that Brass and I played that evening was finished in the first shot. Yup .. sunk the 8 ball off the break. I rule!!! Yup .. all skill… you bet. And I think I annoyed Becki a bit because she was wearing a bunny outfit and who kept touching the tail? Yup drunk little ol’ me. Later on in the evening she took the bunny outfit off. She said she took it off because she was hot. I hope that was the true reason….. Because, that would suck if she took it off because I was bothering her. Which I don’t think is the reason. … at least I hope I didn’t bother her that much.

Leanne and I looked great that evening. She made these Renaissance costumes for her and I. She is awesome. If I could support the both of us I would make her stay at home and make clothes for me all the time. Hopefully I will get pictures from the party sometime and I can post them somewhere for all to see. I wore nylons for my costume, and incase that some of you don’t know, boxers don’t really work with nylons, and going commando was wayyy to uncomfortable. So I wore a pair of Leanne’s underwear. I was definitely in touch with my feminine side that evening. I have to wear women’s underwear more often.

There were a lot of great costumes that evening. But my personal favorite (other than ours of course) was Jackie and Trish’s costumes. They dressed up as Shrek and the Princess, (I can’t remember the Princess characters name but you know who I am talking about.). They looked great. With all the work that they put into there costumes and the party they hosted, I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed it. I know Leanne and I did. And there are not enough things that I can say about the evening to give you guys an idea of what it was like.

On the Saturday morning, I felt so bad for Leanne. She had to go to work in the morning for 8:30, we even left the party early so she could get a good night sleep, but with the way she woke up in the morning, you would have thought that she was the one drinking and not me. I feel really bad for her. She is one of the lucky ones out there that got blessed with not only having morning sickness. It is more like day sickness for her. And her morning’s could probably be described better as. Morning Death. ….Or maybe Morning Possession. When she is sick in the morning she sounds like a demon. I shit you not. The rest of the weekend was not really fun for Leanne. All day Saturday and all day Sunday all she did was sleep and lie on the couch. You know how you feel how you get off of a roller coaster? …well that is how she looked the whole weekend. She even was feeling worse because she missed 2 more days at work and she is afraid that she is going to get fired. But I don’t think she has anything to worry about. They all love her where she works and I think they all know what it is like to be pregnant. The majority of them have all had kids themselves. One lady has even had SIX kids and she told me the other day that she was pretty sick for all of them. So I highly doubt that Leanne has anything to worry about. Leanne also started a second job at the library today. I wonder how she is doing, she did seem better this morning.

While Leanne was sick and sleeping all day on Saturday, I used that time to completely clean off all the crap from my computer that I did not need anymore and make a bunch of discs. It was a good bonding time with my computer. … God, how pathetic does that sound?

John came by to drop off the Lungbutter discs and make stickers for the discs themselves. He brought three of them with him, and we stuck the stickers on those 3 when they were finished. While I was downloading some stuff for him, I thought I would put one of the discs on for the hell of it. Within the first 30 or so seconds of the first track it suddenly cut into a one second blurb of what sounded like Martin Tielli and then when back to the song. Confused, we check the other 2 discs that were there and the same problem happened. John was pissed. It was pretty much confirmed that the 20 discs that he printed were fucked. Not sure how this happened but he was now concerned if there were any other “mistakes” like this on his Masterlink. I did not talk to him about it since but he did leave a message on my machine saying that he re-recorded the first track onto the Masterlink and checked everything else out and they seem fine. After this is all done he is going to reformat his drive and make sure that no errors appear. What a strange and messed up thing to happen.

We watched “Donnie Darko” on Saturday night at home. It was a movie that Don lent us and told us to watch. I know he wanted to get it back today, and we had it for a while, so I thought, no time is better than now. I enjoyed it. It was pretty good, nothing what I expected it to be at all. I always find it enjoyable to watch a movie that I have no idea about. For some reason. I was thinking it was going to be one of those “I know what you did last summer” kinds of thiller movies, but I was wayyyy off. I recommend it to any one who wants to watch a good movie.

Sunday was pretty much the same way as Saturday was. Except that this time I was feeling crappy myself. Leanne and I did not really do much at all. It was nice to just spend time to really do nothing and just relax together for once. Watched “Dirty Rotten Scoundels” …not bad, but I remember that movie being funnier when I watched it years ago. I guess ones sense of humor changes after time.

I guess that is all for now. I am sure your eyes are tired from reading this.

Friday, November 01, 2002

Alright, Alright, Alright.

I have finally thought it was about time to write something in this blog. I feel sorry for letting a lot of you down out there who enjoys to read these things everyday. My life had a lot of things going on the last few weeks since we have last blogged. There is far to many things that has been going on to mention, but there is one big change in my life that has happened and it will only change my life more in the months to come.

My wife is pregnant.

Yup, and those of you who did not know yet... well now you do.

It is quite exciting and the reality of it has not sunk in yet. Probably still will not have sunk in till I maybe see my child's first school Christmas recital or somethin like that.

There has been a lot of other things that has happened since I last blogged like movies, parties, and strip poker. But my wife being pregnant and me being a daddy is definitely the most exciting thing.

Last week we went to the first ultrasound. Leanne and I went to the office and I was all excited in being able to see an ultrasound. To me it was one of those things I would see on TV on the Life Network on TLC in one of those baby story shows but this time it was the real thing!! So.. we get there and we were told to wait and they will call us. They call "Leanne Beck??" and we both get up to walk towards the room. Just after I get up, some nurse stops me and says, "We will call you in once we are ready". My heart stopped and all my excitement was stomped on for that moment. "OK" I said, and sat back down. There I sat and waited for them to call me. It seemed like an eternity. The one thing I did notice is how Parenting and Child/Baby health magazines suddenly become interesting material to read.

While reading my magazine, I always would look up when someone would come into the waiting area or pass the waiting area hoping that it would be the nurse to get me and let me be with my wife. Unfortunately, that never happened. Fucking bitch nurse.

Leanne came out of the office with kind of a relaxed glowing smile on her face. She did see the "little flashing speck" inside the little we circle, which was our baby. Though I did not see it myself, I was happy that she did because I can tell it gave her a sense of comfort.

Next time I am not going to listen to the dumbass nurses and be a little bit more forceful myself. I have all the right to be in there myself!

So … once again, I apologize to my fellow blog readers that I have taken so long in writing in my blog and I will make sure that I never do it again. Even if it is just a single sentence, there will be an entry every day from now on. Except If there was a day where I wasn’t by a computer or somthin’ like that.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

OK .. it has just not been my fucking day at all. Or I should say past couple of weeks. Not only I have been so damn busy doing things that I don't know my right from my left. And our damn apartment has been such a mess. Now to top it off, one of the shelves in my stereo cabnet fucking collapsed. Which now brings the apartment to a point of no return.

I have to figure out some fucking way to fix this. All I can hope for is that my CD player is not fucked., but with seeing a couple of the CDs peeking out from the top of the CD drawer, it does not really leave me with a feeling of comfort at all.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

What the Hell!?!?

Where did the last week and a half go?

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I couldn't help it .. I had to post this email that I got from Hema.

Ah Gil...and your blog.

I appreciate the kind words pal. I got all misty. Tomorrow I'll especially miss you guys because for maybe only the second time since I've been here in Brandon, a show will be here and I'll have to go alone. Carolyn Mark will be stopping in and playing at the only place in Brandon I remotely enjoy drinking beer in, the Double Decker.

Speaking of watering holes, I've now come to the meat of my email. You've missed the point about Bushwakkers. When you talk about Coffee Talk, shootin' the shit, and the way your parents used to have friends over, there is a common theme that you've strangely not attributed to the 'shwakk. In all those situations, everyone felt comfortable, relaxed and among friends. I tried to make my apartment that way. And don't forget, during high school, Mamma Beck's was our "Coffee Talk" place. That's been people felt comfortable. To suggest that Bushwakker's appeal is based solely on the beer is almost sacrilegious and backwards. We go for the beer and stay for the atmosphere. We hang at the 'shwakk because it's comfortable. The wood and earthy tones relax people. That's why they always turn down the lights..."relax, re-lax..." The beer is an added bonus. As a side note, you have to look at the customers at the 'shwakk. Ever look around at who goes there? There are a lot of "alternative" people there. Little groups "like" us, who enjoy "shootin' the shit" In fact, we're usually the worst of the bunch. You rarely see many loud drunks in the 'shwakk. Except for us.

Nothing against your apartment, but the 'shwakk holds everybody comfortably. Mamma Beck's was the same way. I remember sitting around your kitchen table all the time. That's a cherished memory for me. You can't really sit around the kitchen of your apartment and play cards. You can sit around your living room though. And shoot the shit. And you do.

The biggest problem right now: Where do you go? You, John, Lincoln, Merv, Brett, Colin, Tony...all live in an apartment. Where can we "all" go hang comfortably? Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

Thank-you for your letter Hema, you bring up good points. Truth is I guess I miss those days all-together. Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against being at Bushwakkers' at all (except maybe their food lately) and I love being there. All I was really doing was reminiscing about the old days I guess. I am just pointing out that it is nice to be at friend’s places (not just my own). It sort of has a certain comfort to it as well. It seems to be fading away. Though I am thankful that we have a place like Bushwakkers as our second home.

Move over Cheers.
(hmmm... I was going to put a link to Bushwakkers here .. but the site has seemed to have dissappeared)

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Spiders are pretty cool. But I saw the coolest spider just now. There was a spider "hovering" above my desk. You could not see his web at all, but he was climbing up it. I waved my hand about a foot and a half above the spider's flight and the web attached to my hand. I then walked around toward Steve to show him the spider. I found out that he is not a big fan of them, so I started to swing the little guy towards him. Steve just happened to be collecting garbage around the office at the time and it fell into his garbage bag.

I’ve never seen a guy do wrestling moves to a garbage bag till today. There's a first time for everything.

Monday, September 23, 2002

Weekends go by way to fast. This last weekend went by so fast that when I sit at my computer at work and think about it, it doesn’t even feel like I left my desk. It was super active though; I have nothing to complain about except for the fact that it is over. Which I guess is the way everybody else is thinking at this moment as well.

Talked to my buddy Hema for a couple of hours yesterday. It was good to “shoot the shit” with him. It’s times like that where I realize how much I miss the guy. I have nothing but respect for him. He’s gotta lotta balls. He moved to Brandon to go to school and be with his girlfriend at the time who lived out there. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out between them and now he is out there scraping cash together by himself and finishing his school. If I was in his shoes, I would have just said fuck it and went back home to Regina and finish school here. But that’s my Hema, a proud stubborn man. I love him.

Speaking of talking, Tony came over last night and we had the intension of watching a movie, but all we did (him, my wife and I) was “Shoot The Shit”. Which was great!! .. But from what I read from Tony’s blog, it looks like there was not enough shit shot for him. He plugged his toilet. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

But back to talking… Whatever happened to the days when people would just get together at ones house to talk? When I was younger my parents had friends come over all the time for coffee or playing cards. Every Wed night was Canasta night with their friends and they would trade evenings of who would host the card night. Nowadays it seems like you actually have to go out somewhere to do anything. It would be nice if my friends just came over had coffee and talked. Why go out to Bushwakkers to talk? Maybe the trick is to have beer in my fridge.

All my point is that we all pay rent or mortgage payments for our living quarters. It’s time that we start using our places for more than just a place to sleep. But nooo… it almost seems that our society is lead to believe that you can’t have fun at home. I have had friends over at our place. But the majority of the time it seems that it is just to watch movies. …. But don’t get me wrong. I like movies.

Thinking of that makes me remember another thing that Hema had a knack of being successful at. “Coffee Talk” We haven’t had one since he moved out to Brandon. It all started in the days when Hema and I lived together in an apartment for the summer of ’92 (or was it ’93?) and I would go to church on Sunday mornings. During that time Hema and our neighbor and friend, Rod, would get together have coffee and talk. After a couple of years, Coffee Talk grew into a morning of friendship and bonding. There were times where there would be 8 or more people over at Hema’s small little apartment in the Cathedral area drinking coffee, chatting and sometimes even playing games. How I miss those days.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Just got home and am very tired. Very very full day. I will give quick point form on what happened .. and possibly continue in more discription later.
1. McDonald's Breakfast & craft/fabric sale
2. Farm
3. Walmart
4. Movie (Minority Report) - I will definately bring up my opinion on this.
5. Bushwakkers - Met Colin's girlfriend Katrina.... supercool (...I hope I got her name right .. I suck at remembering names)
6. ...and right now .. blogger.. but too bloggy to write...

.... and just read buddy tony's blog for today.

What the hell is it with doctors and the "Paxil Solution"?? ...Fucking dipshits.

really tired ... must sleep now ... .

Friday, September 20, 2002

I was looking up information on the DVD release of Monsters Inc. It looks like that the DVD that is out is the only version that will be. (At least for a while) The cool thing that happened to me while I was on the Monsters Inc. site was that I recieved an official employee card as an "Elite Scarer" on Scare Floor B. Can it get any more exciting that that? I was also checking out Pixar's web site. They are now showing the short films on the site. How cool can you get?
Nowadays, you have to make sure that when you buy a DVD that they are not going to screw you over in the future. There is nothing that I hate more than when you purchase a DVD and then some other fancy ass version of the DVD comes out. I am sure that there where some people out there who purchased The Lord Of The Rings DVD, only to find out that all the special features of the disc were just commercials to buy the "super sized with extra butter" edition in November.

My wife and I were at my brothers last night to help him with a virus on his computer. Being the nice guy that I am, I thought I would bring a dozen donuts over. I thought it would be a nice thing to do. But... at the end of the evening, for some reason my sister-in-law was forcing us to take the rest of the donuts back with us.
They were a gift. She accepted the gift.. then she wanted me to take the rest home. Leanne and I refused. You don't take a gift back after you have already accepted it!! But she was forceful. The only way we were able to leave the donuts with her was to leave them on the kitchen table without her noticing when we left.

I am thinking maybe for Christmas, I will by her something that I want. That way, I'll get it back at the end of the evening and we both will be happy.

That's ok. Bonnie (my sister-in-law) is strange anyway. I love her, but you have to worry about somebody who keeps canned vegetables in her refrigerator.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

I am currently listening to "The Strokes - Is This It" album right now. I really enjoy the album. But whoever came up with the bright idea for the CD packaging should be shot in the head. The cover is nice .. but that's about it. The CD booklet is a 10 page fold out of "big head" pictures of the band members and 3 other "important" people. Truth is, they are not the most flattering looking guys in the world.
Opening this CD booklet was just as disappointing as the days when CD's first came out and the booklet were white pages. I would have rather had them do that. They could have saved themselves a couple of bucks in printing costs.

This cover would have been perfect for the good ol' 8-Track.

I guess they lived up to the title of the CD .. because when I looked at the booklet I said. "Is this it?"

Watched Return Of The Living Dead last night. Great movie. The highlight of it was not even in the movie though. It was watching Tony flip his feet up in the air and hearing the loud cracking sound of him bashing his head into the metal frame of the bottom of the patio door.

Good Times.

But that is not what was really on my mind. What is really on my mind right now is the fact that until today I thought Beavers ate fish. It came up in conversation in the last cranial explosions show.. I thought this whole time that they did ..but to my horror I read this in my searchings!

"Beaver eat twigs, leaves and buds, or gnaw at soft inner bark."

I was shocked and horrified. All throughout my childhood and into adult-life, I have pictured beavers frying their fish over open flame, and stashing away mounds of fish-jerky away in there dams for the winter season. Now I am really happy that I am not a beaver. I couldn't eat trees!! ..that would suck!

... I am not a big fan of fish anyway.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

It has to start sometime. And that sometime is now. If you are reading this, then you also must be wondering why you are reading this. Well the answer is simple my friend!


Yes .. deep it is. Well I hope that you keep in touch in the future. For the future is bright .. I gotta wear shades.

Saturday, July 13, 2002

(reminiscing) Priest show

We went to see Judas Priest at Craven Rock the Valley on this evening. Unfortunately for my buddy Bill, he suffered from heat exhaustion and had to sit on the beachers in the back for the majority of the show. Though, he did give me his camera to take some pictures at the time. This one was my personal fav that I took.