Saturday, June 03, 2000

(txt journal entry #4)

JUNE 3 2000
Mmmmmm.... I love Saturdays! No work. I'm sure that Leanne does not love Saturdays. She is at work right now. She probably likes the Saturdays that she doesn't work on. I drove her to work this morning and I took her to McDonald's this morning. Nothin' like a McBreakfast!!!
I wonder if Leanne is wondering about me. I have a feeling that she can read my mind sometimes. ... well we will find out soon enough I guess.
We left McDonalds and I took her to Subway so she can get herself a salad for her lunch break. Actually .... I wonder if she is eating it. She ordered herself a turkey salad. What she actually got was a turkey-salad salad. Confused? Probably not as much as we were at time. The "sandwich artist" put the lettuce on the bottom of the tray. So far so good. This is where it gets scarry. She takes a ice-cream scoop. at this time I was wondering .. "what the fuck?" and starts scooping this pinkish goop and plops it "PLOP" on the lettuce. Leanne looked whiter than ghost, but at the time I didn't thik much of it because I thought it was her usual "before going to work" hue. She then looks over at me with this scare in her eyes. Usually a normal person would say, "I'm not eating that shit". I can't speak for Leanne but I was personally so messed up seeing what I was seeing that I didn't even give it a thought. The lady then finished "decorating" the salad with vegetable paraphanalia as both of us kept our eyes on the salad in disbelief.
After the whole thing was over, we get in the car and start laughing our asses off. We couldn't help it. It was soooo funny. I take her to work. There was a yard sale at the store next door. I bought a christmas CD, elastica, and some sort of dance compilation. Oh.. and a Drew Carey paperback. I probably wont read that until a year from now, im only half way through the green mile.
I went back home and I talked to Hema and Shauna for a couple of hours on the phone. I told them about me buying a ring for Leanne and they both were just extatic! If Leanne is half as happy as they were I think I'll be sas-sif-fied.
I then talked to Regan and her sister is dropping her off here so we can go for a coffee. Actually, speak of the devil. She just walked in.
Alright, Regan and I went out to bushwakkers. So much for coffee. On the way out she wanted to pick up tools at her place to use at her sisters later. So on the way there, who do we see? My dad walking on his way to the mall. We picked him up and drove him to the mall. Oh yeah ... I forgot we went to Regans first with dad. Poor dad. I think him seeing me with regan fucked him up. I don't think my dad knows that it is posible to be just friends with a person of the opposite sex.
After coffee, I took Regan to her sister's place. By this time it was 4 oclock and I had a hour and a half to kill. I thought maybe I'll go home or go visit Leanne at work but I drove by Cash Converters and ended up killing about an hour and 15 minutes there. I wish I did one of the first two. Whwn I went to pick up Leanne afterwards, I noticed that she was coming from Darry Queen. She ended up getting off work at 4! Fuck! Did I ever feel like fucking shit. It bummed her out I think. When we got home, Maria noticed that she was feeling down and wrote her a little poem. That was the nicest thing I have ever seen her do for anybody. I was getting all choked up. Sometimes I am just too emotional. I can just see when I propose to her, I am going to be a bumbling idiot.
Leanne and Maria are playing You don't know Jack right now while I type this.
Well I think I am gonna go now and watch "Invasion of the Bee Girls" and then probably call it a night.
Actually, I think I'll eat first. Make a sammich.

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