Friday, June 02, 2000

(txt journal entry 3)

JUNE 2 2000
Today was an pretty good day.. During the day was the same work stuff as usual. There was one different thing though, everyone seemed to be in good spirits and happy to be there. Even Colin. I guess it's pretty amazing what a bonus can do. Actually, Colin was probably really happy because he was leaving early to go to Calgary to see Motorhead and Nashville Pussy in Calgary. I think Fu-Manchu and Speeddealer were playing as well. He went there with Ryan and Bill. Tony was going to go with them as well but I guess he changed his mind at the last minute. Money situations for him and so forth. He has a lot of shit on his mind right now and has alot of crap to try to figure out.
Leanne and I hung out with him for the whole evening. The three of us went to Vietnamese Garden for dinner. That is probably one of the best resturants in Regina. I have been there before with Tony and it was the first time for Leanne. She's hooked now. It is an awesome place.
I think that Tony loves that place just because of the tiny vietnamese waitress that works there. Sure, she is cute I guess but I don't see the big deal. I am not much of a fan for orientals in the first place. But Tony likes them tiny. Sure ...ok .. there's tiny and then theres.. 10 year old. No thanks.
It was funny though.. because it was almost like Leanne felt left out. Here we were .. making comments about the waitress, well mostly Tony, I was just sort of going along with him, and she pops up and says,"Well you should see my eye doctor! .. he is sooo hot!"But what made tht comment super funny is the fact that the last time she seen her eye doctor was almost a year ago. Hilarious! I love her. She gives me a constant smile all the time.
After the awesome food that we had, we went to the southland mall 'cause Lily wanted to go to the walmart in the southend. We then went to Chapters for coffee and stuff.
When we took Tony home that evening, we ended up sitting in his driveway for about an hour yappin. It was one of those kinda talks that are good to get out from time to time. Tony is definately going through a changing time in his life right now. He is even considering moving out on his own. I think the only thing that is stopping him is that he does not have a job at the moment and is living off of his life savings.
Well I am home right now and I am wanting to cuddle with my lover and fall asleep into la la land.

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