Thursday, June 01, 2000

(txt journal entry 2)

JUNE 1, 2000
Well this day will always be a day I will remember for the rest of my life. It started off normal as ever. The usual shit you know.. get up, go to work ... blah blah blah. OK but I was at work and at around 10am in the morning Kathy (the boss) comes up to me and passes me an envelope. It felt kind of thick so I didn't think it was may paycheck, cause usually Darryl gives them to each of us. So I asked.
"What's this?"
"Well open it." she said.
Ok .. for a split second I get a feeling of fear come across me. Now I don't know why but I usually. I guess I have always had this tendency to think the worst. Well it was the exact opposite.
It was a cheque. Hmmm.. I thought .. this is a little more then what I usually get. (like fifty bucks or so) So I started reading the note that was attached to the cheq. It said something to the effect of employee appreciation, and I thought cool a bonus 50 bucks!! right on!
But then I read on.. and I realized.. HOLY SHIT! This is not my paycheck!! THIS IS A FUCKING BONUS!!! (minus taxes of course)
All employees of MarkeTel that have been with the company for over a year got a bonus for appreciation of good work and dedication to the company.
Now when I recieved this .. I was blown away!! Because we have never gotten anything like this at all. For example our christmas bonus last year was a box of chocolates. Hey wasn't that bad now when I think about it 'cause we got to pick what assortment of "pot of gold" we wanted. I got the caramel. Mmmmm.
OK .. back to the scene. So I realize this is a bonus check. Automatically for a quick second as well I go ... YES!! DVD PLAYER!!! then I stop and think.. what Gil are you stupid ?!?! You have to understand .. at this point, my mind is going like a 110+ miles a minute. Things were bouncing in my head like:Cool. Wait till Leanne finds out!We should go to Edmonton! She wants to go to Calgary. That would be cool.Maybe have another intense weekend at Temple Garden in Moose Jaw!yeah .. no wait...
See I have been purposely been putting more money on my VISA so I can get her a ring for our 2 year anniversary. But hell now I thought I could give it too her for her birthday! So I thought great! perfect timing! I'll go and get her ring tonight, she's working tonight .. she wouldn't even have a clue then!
So I was sitting at my desk .. daydreaming of going to peoples and picking up the ring that we looked at like a month ago. That day in it's self was kind of funny because we were at the mall with my mom at the time, and it was actually her who got us started to looking at rings that day.
So then I thought well, maybe I should call up my sister and see if she can take me to her father-in-laws jewelery shop. (...though I don't know if I should actually say father-in-law 'cause her and her husband just seperated last week.. but that is a different story.. look through her journals for that one, if she has any) I thought if I didn't at least look, Maria would hang it over my head for the rest of my life. So I called her up and planned to go there right after work. I left 10 min early so I could beat the traffic.

When I left I made a mistake of going down arcola to go to the ring road. I was unaware of the construction and I ended up taking more time then I would have if I would have just left at 5 and took a different route. Nonetheless, we made it there and I was looking at some rings. They were nice.. but nothing jumped out at me. Until he showed me this ring and matching band set. It was just georgous .. the engagement ring had 3 diamonds set high so you can actually see the full stone. Awesome. And the engagement set matchs it. It looks the same except for that the stones are smaller. I think Garth (maria's father-in-law) said that the stones come to a total of over 3/4 ct (.83 ct I think) which is over double the size then the one that Leanne was "hinting" for me to get. He said the appraised value is over $xxxx. He didn't actually know for sure though, but I will find out when I get it appraised myself. Yep.. I took the plunge, I bought the ring. I had too.. It's a georgeous ring and it will be on the most georgeous woman I know. I could not refuse. I also got an incredible deal on it! How much? Well.. we all have to have our secrets.
The ring is being sized and they're gonna spank it up all nice. I'll be getting it next week. (prob. the 7th)
I think I am gonna propose on her birthday.. but to tell you the truth.. I honestly don't know if I can hold out till then. We will see I guess.
After that, the rest of the evening didn't really matter. All I have on mind is that ring. I can't stop thinking about it. I am so excited. Maria and I did go to HMV and I picked up the latest VICTOR WOOTEN album "yin-yang" and the new XTC album "wasp star (apple venus vol 2)" and Maria bought a new Bon-Jovi video. *sigh* Shame.
I took Maria home and left to pick up Colin to go to Bushwakkers. I haven't done anything with him for a while so I thought it would be a good idea. On the way to get Colin I stopped at the north HMV to buy Leanne a movie. "Invasion of the Bee Girls"If you love crappy cheesy movies then this is one that you should watch.
I arrived at "The Orb" (which is where my 3 buddies live Colin,Tony and John) and Tony was there showing some computer programs that be got from his friend Jay in Vancouver to Colin. It was recording programs. (Soundforge, Acid etc) The kind of stuff that a lot of Techno musicians use. It's pretty cool shit.
I was hopeing that Tony would have come with us cause I haven't seen him since he did his spoken word show before he left to Vancouver over a week ago. But he was too glued to his computer to break him away from it. Oh well .. no prob, that's cool. Like he says: "Always be creative"
Colin and I had a good time, went to a&b sound before we went to bushwakkers. There is this one saleman guy there. God what an annoying little fucker. He has this "I'm so great" attitude that just makes me want to slug the mother. Fuck... For example, when Colin was purchasing his CD's at the front, there was this kid in line at the other till. He was buying a Kid Rock CD. The salesman guy, from now on I'll call him Joke, when to the kid who was buying the disc and said "So you wanna buy that CD huh? ... How old are you kid?.. 13 huh? ...well are your parents with you? I cant sell you this disc" So the kid almost looked heartbroken and scared shitless takes off to go get his dad. He dad comes back .. looking almost pissed off because he was disturbed during his stereo shopping or whatever he was doing at the time. But it was funny cause Joke thought he has a kid who was gonna buy this CD without his parents knowing. And i just backfired on him. The father was upset and Joke was there lookin' like he was shittin' his pants coming up with excuses why he couldn't sell the kid the disc. "Well uhhh... it's bylaw not to sell that CD to under a 16 year old"The father couldn't even bother to listen to Joke. He just took his boy to the till and bought the disc.
Fuck I hate that. I don't think it should be the stores discision whether or not a child can listen to or not. I see this world going down the tubes. Instead of the parents in this world and teaching there children what is right and what is wrong. They get stores to do it? Fuck that!. I can go on about that but I'm not going to waste my time talking about that. If you know me, you pretty much know what I think about that shit.
Went to Bushwakkers and Leanne stopped by after work to eat and beer with Colin and myself. Man... I'm telling you it's so hard to keep that ring a secret from her. When she walked in to the bar with her smile and her happy bouncy self. It just made me realize that she is going to be the woman that I will love fully and completely for the rest of my life. Well I guess I shouldn't say that it just made me realize it ... I always knew it, but I have been noticing that I have been seeing things from a different view. And she doesn't even have a clue what I am going to do. I hope she likes the ring.
I love her so much.
Good night

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