Wednesday, May 31, 2000

(txt journal entry 1)

Ok... So it is now almost 10pm and I thought I would get this goofyidea of keeping a journal on this computer. .. now granted I am not the best typer and I have never owned my own computer... until now.
I got this computer for free yesterday from my sister-in-law Bonnie. She was just wanting to get rid of it. So I took it. Hey great ..nothin'wrong with free stuff eh? ..... So anyway .. I took it to my friends at work to see if this thing was worth while upgrading. Well I guess it isn't worth upgrading at all... There isn't much to this thing. I am finding out that computers do not have a good shelf life. They say as soon as youby one, it's out of date. Well true... This computer my be out of date,but I didn't by it. So that's good... isn't it?
Well for future reference lets put some specs down. This computer is a 386with 4meg of RAM. and 240 meg hard drive. .. I don't even knoe how many Mhzit is... whatever... it's old. That is why I am saving these files as txt files (text base) in good ol microsoft notepad. that way these thingscan be readable in the future.
My computer at work has 128meg of RAM and a 12 GIG hard drive.. Know I don't know much about computers... but I know that is a fuckload of difference.
So this will probably be what I will be using the computer for for the majority of the time. I thought hey.. if I do this it will at least improve my typing skills right? no? .....we shall see.
So in the future I will be writting things .. maybe not everyday .. or maybenot even that long of entries .. but what ever.
To those of you who are going to bitch about my spelling and grammer can go fuck themeselves.. this wasn't for you to critcize the way ..What the hell are you doing reading this? Aren't there any books?
But as I was saying .. this will be a journal to myself so to say. I will write things that I am thankful for... maybe some stories, if I have any ..or maybe other things.. All I know is that I am 27 now (to those who are not good at math .. that makes me born in 1973, Jan 3rd to be exact.)and so much of my life has passed me and I don't really have anything for myself to look back on ... other than my music collection or other misc shit that I have video taped over the years... video camera .. tv, whatever.
But to bring my first entry to a close I would like to put the one thing that I am most thankful for. Love. yes love ... why is it love you ask? Well it is more than just love. It's Leanne. ...but I couldn't call her a thing. But before her... love had no true meaning. She is the world to me. She is what makes life worth living. I hope that I can keep track of some experiences that I have with her in the future and write other things that I remember ..... because I love her and whoever is reading this and finding things out about me ..will also be finding out about her as well... She is my life.